SUZUVERSE Rolls Out Major App Update 2.0.5 Alongside Projected Growth and 2024 Plans

TOKYO, Jan. 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coming off a strong financial year where revenues climbed to $25 million, SUZUVERSE, a leader in the mixed reality metaverse, is thrilled to announce the release of major updates to its mobile app version 2.0.5. The company is forecasting continued growth, with total sales expected to reach $280 million in 2024. More conservative internal targets still predict significant gains, with total sales projected to hit $215 million next fiscal year.

This latest app update focuses on two key features - the first celebrity AI on CheerCast and an in-app web3 wallet. These updates reflect SUZUVERSE’s commitment to fighting worldwide loneliness, aligning with its vision of social, mental, and economic freedom.

SUZUVERSE introduces Reimi Osawa as the first real-life actress to inspire a CheerCast avatar, blending celebrity charm with AI to combat loneliness in the metaverse.

CheerCast, an AI avatar chat and video call feature on the SUZUVERSE mobile app, allows users to chat with AI-powered AI characters, providing companionship and inspiration. SUZUVERSE has partnered with its first real-life Japanese actress to license her likeness for their first celebrity AI avatar, which users can engage in conversations with.

"We are honored to work with a well-known idol in Japan to create her AI avatar on our platform. This partnership helps spread awareness of our goal to combat loneliness through uplifting conversations," said Ryoji Miyauchi, founder of SUZUVERSE. "Our first celebrity AI avatar, with its advanced and still evolving AI lip sync technology and dynamic day and night video interactions, showcases the power of our proprietary AI technology in delivering personalized and enjoyable conversations."

Experience seamless SGT transactions with SUZUVERSE's in-app Web3 Wallet, designed for ease of use, security, and global access to the metaverse's burgeoning economy.

The in-app web3 wallet simplifies access to SUZUVERSE's governance token, SGT, enabling seamless integration between web3 and web2. Users can now trade, swap, and manage SGT directly within the SUZUVERSE app without leaving the app. It initially supports Suzuverse Governance Token (SGT), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT), with the option of adding more tokens later based on community feedback and needs.

"We want to make interacting with web3 as easy as possible. An in-app wallet removes friction and allows mainstream users to have easier access to our governance token for decentralized governance," said Miyauchi. "It also improves loyalty by connecting web2 features to our web3 token economy."

Alongside these new features, 2024 will see a strong push towards:

  • Expanding the affiliate network,
  • Increasing AI product offerings,
  • Ramping up digital marketing and
  • Targeting entry into North America and China.

Forecasting robust growth, SUZUVERSE charts its 2024 revenue expectations, highlighting the expansion of both existing and new digital offerings within the metaverse ecosystem.

SUZUVERSE has witnessed tremendous growth in 2023, with over 38,000 users mostly from Japan. This is coupled with amazing financial growth in 2023, with revenues climbing to $8.9 million from September to November and December displaying a brilliant performance of more than $4.1 million, resulting in a yearly revenue of more than $25 million (¥ 3.32 billion).

"Our financial growth and these latest app updates demonstrate our deep commitment to addressing loneliness globally," said Miyauchi. "We will continue efforts to bridge virtual and real world engagement through innovative mixed reality experiences to achieve our overall mission of social, mental, and economic freedom."

Other than the celebrity AI avatars and in-app web3 wallet, the version 2.0 app update also introduces an AI-powered personal secretary and English teacher to assist users in daily tasks and learning. SUZUVERSE plans to continually improve its mixed reality metaverse with more interactive features that bridge virtual and real-world engagement.

For more information about SUZUVERSE’s continued efforts to revolutionize the metaverse, please visit SUZUVERSE’s website.


About CheerCast:

CheerCast, a product of SUZUVERSE, revolutionizes AI interaction by offering emotionally intelligent AI avatars designed for diverse relational dynamics that cater to individual preferences, providing companionship and support. CheerCast’s aim is to combat loneliness and promote holistic wellness, resonating with SUZUVERSE's mission for freedom in the metaverse. To learn more, visit the CheerCast support page.


Founded in 2022 by Ryoji Miyauchi, SUZUVERSE integrates advanced AI technology and blockchain in its mixed reality metaverse. SUZUVERSE addresses challenges like loneliness, and holistic well-being with CheerCast and Suzuwalk, advocating a decentralized approach for true freedom—socially, spiritually, and economically. Discover more at

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