Fyda Announces Launch of Decentralized Trade Automation Platform

Fyda Finance is DeFi leader in automating investments and trading strategies, custody-free.

London, UK, Jan. 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fyda Finance, an innovative decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, announced the launch of its groundbreaking automated trading platform.

Poised to transform decentralized trading, Fyda departs from traditional models by enabling users to seamlessly automate complex trading strategies in a secure, trustless environment.

"We are thrilled to introduce Fyda's powerful trading infrastructure to the DeFi ecosystem," said Narayan, Founder and CEO of Fyda Finance. "We have built an unrivaled platform where traders can automate everything from simple buy orders to advanced techniques like dollar-cost averaging."

Key features of the Fyda Finance platform include:

  • Percent orders for take-profit targets and stop-loss protection
  • Support for recurring and non-recurring trading strategies
  • Advanced order types like Buy the Dip, Buy the Recovery, Sell the Rally and Trailing Stop Loss, TWAP etc
  • Seamless trading on Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism L2 networks
  • User-friendly interface and simulation tool for testing strategies

Fyda safeguards trading through smart contracts and on-chain price oracles, shielding activity from MEV attacks. By consolidating liquidity across DEXs, the platform ensures minimal price impact for trades.

Secure, customizable trading automation is integral to DEX trading future therefore Fyda is built from the ground up to meet and exceed traders' expectations in these areas while smoothing trading experience on-chain.

Upcoming platform enhancements include the introduction of Smart Signals, which will allow traders to incorporate technical and sentiment indicators into automated strategies. 

Fyda also plans to roll out copy trading and a Telegram-based UI in coming months.

As part of its commitment to driving DeFi advancement, Fyda will continue expanding asset and network support to extend access to broader trader audiences over time.

Try out decentralized trading automation at Fyda's dApp today. For more on Fyda Finance and its vision, visit Fyda website and follow on TwitterTelegram and Discord for updates.


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