Updated NordPass feature enables instant alerts and quick responses to threats

LONDON, Jan. 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NordPass is introducing an updated data breach scanner, and it’s a tool that takes digital security to the next level. The feature monitors emails and credit cards for breaches and is exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly. Moreover, the updated feature actively monitors and reports on credit card breaches.

The growing concern about data breaches

Data breaches are no longer just news headlines – they have become a personal issue that can happen to anyone.

For businesses, a data breach can lead to a loss of trust, as well as severe legal consequences and significant financial penalties. For individuals, it may lead to identity theft, financial loss, and long-term damage to credit scores. The reputational damage caused by a breach can be devastating, sometimes irreparably.

How does the feature work?

In today's digital age, a data breach scanner is essential for protecting online data for individuals or companies. It is a security system within a high-tech facility that constantly monitors for unauthorized access or breaches.

The feature methodically checks various databases for leaked information, matching it with clients’ data stored in NordPass, such as email addresses and credit cards. When the tool identifies a potential security breach, it operates as a sophisticated alarm system that precisely pinpoints the location of the issue. An alert is then received, along with actionable guidance, mirroring how a cutting-edge security protocol swings into action when a threat is detected.

Expanded monitoring: Credit cards

Email monitoring has been a fundamental part of the data breach scanner, helping to maintain security measures. In addition, NordPass is enhancing its services by including credit card monitoring.

The data breach scanner was improved to allow customized monitoring of particular email addresses and credit cards. This enhancement increases the relevance and efficiency of security alerts. It also provides detailed insights into every breach detected, enabling users to respond effectively. It facilitates proactive data security management, allowing users to categorize and track breaches as resolved or unresolved.

"This means that you will receive notifications if your credit card details are compromised, and you can take immediate action to safeguard your financial accounts. We at NordPass believe that adding credit card monitoring is a logical step, considering the increasing number of online transactions," says Tomas Smalakys, CTO of NordPass.

Intuitive interface and improved performance

The Data Breach Scanner was updated with a new onboarding user interface that simplifies the setup process and provides more information. The interface has been redesigned for clarity and ease of use.

Improved performance means faster processing and increased stability, enabling timely alerts and quick responses to threats.

Smalakys says that introducing the new and improved data breach scanner is a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance online security for users to safeguard personal and financial information on the internet for individuals and businesses alike.


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Emilija Gaivenyte