Ladybug Resource Group Publishes Chief Executive's Shareholder Letter to Shareholders

2023 Completes Historic Transformative Year Through Acquisitions to Build a Solid Foundation for Significant Growth in 2024

TULSA, OK, Jan. 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – Ladybug Resource Group, Inc.; (OTC PINK: LBRG) ("Ladybug" or the "Company"), Growhouse Nutraceuticals Ltd., a dynamic and expanding company in the health and wellness sector known for its innovative use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and carefully selected product lines to drive growth, has released a letter to its shareholders and interested investors. This communication comes directly from Alan Fetzer, the CEO of the Company, providing insights and updates on the company's progress, strategies, and future plans.

Dear Ladybug Resource Group Inc. Shareholders:

In our upcoming shareholder letters in 2024, I'll share further insights about Growhouse Nutraceuticals Ltd., outlining our strong prospects.  Our commitment lies in the health and wellness domain, where we diligently craft a stable foundation to ensure a prosperous future for every shareholder.

Over the past year, our management team has been devotedly and discreetly laying down a robust corporate and operational base to underpin our growth trajectory for the upcoming 3-5 years.  Central to our strategy is a comprehensive plan encompassing the utilization of artificial intelligence to tap into consumer trends alongside initiatives for growth, operational efficiencies, product diversification, and vertical integration.  This strategic blueprint is pivotal in steering us towards significant achievements in both the immediate and distant future. 

We are continually exploring new additions to enhance our diverse range of functional products, each designed to optimize human performance and wellness. The Growhouse Nutraceuticals Ltd. platform is accessible at(

As a company firmly focused on financial performance, our primary financial goals include increasing revenue growth, maximizing total sales per customer order, optimizing customer acquisition costs, and closely monitoring the sales performance of individual products. These key metrics are assessed daily. In the health and wellness industry, particularly for businesses employing both online and physical store models, customer acquisition costs are critical for driving profitability.

We are leveraging artificial intelligence as our central framework to swiftly identify consumer trends and enhance the value of each customer order. This approach positions us to rapidly achieve profitability, even in our early stages of growth. Although the financial markets have yet to fully recognize this core strength, we anticipate it becoming a vital aspect of our narrative this year.

The nutraceutical and wellness sector is intensely competitive, with major players possessing substantial in-house manufacturing and significant marketing budgets. Despite this, our proficiency in AI enables us to stand out and compete effectively. Just as Google, not the first in its field, rose to prominence through superior algorithms, we aim to excel and exceed our shareholders' expectations with our AI investment and other critical corporate initiatives. Our strategy is not just to participate in the market but to lead and redefine it through innovation and exceptional performance.

In the forthcoming year, we have outlined specific corporate objectives aimed at expanding our shareholder base and enhancing shareholder value. These objectives are as follows:

  1. Robust Sequential Revenue Growth: We aim to achieve up to $25 million in revenue for 2024, marking a significant increase and demonstrating our company's growing strength.
  2. Development of AI Capabilities: A key focus will be the continued enhancement of our scalable AI technology, which is essential for driving our corporate growth and staying ahead in the competitive market.
  3. Strategic Capital Raises: We plan to undertake strategic capital raising initiatives that will support our growth ambitions while simultaneously safeguarding shareholder value.
  4. Onboarding New Products: Our focus will be on integrating new products that align with our criteria for quality, market potential, and performance, all under the Growhouse Nutraceutical Ltd. brand.
  5. Synergistic Acquisitions: We are looking to acquire nutraceutical and wellness companies that align with our objective of rapid corporate growth over the next 3-5 years, thereby expanding our market presence and product offerings.
  6. Filing with the SEC: We intend to file an S-1 or a Form 10 with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, marking our transition to a fully reporting company and enhancing our corporate transparency.
  7. Achieving OTCQB Status and Eyeing Nasdaq Listing: Our goal is to attain OTCQB status as a stepping stone toward listing on the Nasdaq within the next 3-5 years, a move that would significantly elevate our company's profile and market accessibility.

Each of these objectives is strategically designed to propel our company forward, ensuring robust growth and increased value for our shareholders.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that the investment community will, in time, acknowledge our unwavering dedication and hard work in establishing a thriving enterprise in the health and wellness sector. My commitment to maintaining consistent and transparent communication with our shareholders is unshakable. Shareholders are the cornerstone of our company, and I recognize the significance of keeping them informed and engaged.

This approach to communication, while uncommon in the small-cap stock arena, is a critical component of our strategy. We are aware that this level of engagement is not just a mere formality but a crucial differentiator. It sets us apart from the competition and positions us as a credible and accomplished entity in the eyes of investors. Our commitment to regular and open communication is one of the key factors that will help us stand out as a leader in our industry and garner the respect and confidence of our investors.

Thank you for your ongoing trust and confidence in our mission. I am sincerely convinced that 2024 will be a pivotal year, showcasing to all our shareholders and stakeholders the progress we are making. We remain steadfast in our commitment to offering products that not only benefit the world at large but also significantly contribute to improving human health. Your support is invaluable as we continue on this journey, and I look forward to sharing our achievements and milestones with you throughout the year.


Alan Fetzer
Chief Executive Officer

To keep abreast of the latest announcements and developments, I encourage you to regularly visit our website at and   or via social media channels. This platform will provide you with the most current information and updates about our progress, initiatives, and achievements. Staying informed through our website will ensure that you are always in the loop with the exciting advancements we are making. and   or via social media channels.

About Ladybug Resource Group Inc.

Ladybug Resource is a rapidly growing creator of e-commerce platforms focusing on wellness and nutraceutical companies.  The Company launched Growhouse Nutraceuticals Ltd., a company marketing and selling a line of health and wellness products focusing on sports nutrition and peak-performance consumers.

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