The New Temple Street Promotion: Explore Hong Kong’s Diverse Local Experiences

TORONTO, Jan. 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As a unique night-time hotspot in Hong Kong, Temple Street has long been known for its great food, shopping, and authentic local culture. It uniquely appeals to visitors, enticing them to experience another facet of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has injected new momentum into this classic traditional hotspot and rolled out a six-month new promotion. On top of food stalls offering local flavours, new thematic photo spots will also brighten up the Street with local features and ignite vitality to attract locals and visitors to explore the Street.

Dr. Pang Yiu-kai, Chairman of HKTB, remarked that Temple Street is an iconic night-time tourism spot of the city, ‘To respond to the call of Night Vibes Hong Kong, the HKTB joins hands with merchants of Temple Street in bringing new experiences to the place. Besides promoting Temple Street’s existing experiences and the humanity touch of the community, we will further promote local delicacies in the area and boost the lively night-time ambience of Temple Street with artistic decorations, taking both the local public and visitors on an exploration of the most authentic tastes of Hong Kong. We strongly recommend everyone to visit Temple Street in person for these one-of-a-kind experiences.’

Mr. Raymond Chan, Chairman of the Yau Ma Tei Temple Street Association of Hawkers and Shop Operators, said, ‘Temple Street is not only a lively neighbourhood but also a place with diverse experiences where modernity meets traditions. The variety of cuisines and the strong sense of humanity are like a treasure trove for visitors and locals who want to discover the different facets of Hong Kong. In this promotion, we have gathered the shops in Temple Street and the neighbouring areas to bring in a variety of food stalls so that visitors and the local public can get stuffed at the one-stop market before going on an in-depth exploration of Temple Street.’

Two Highlights to Infuse Innovations into the Original Tastes of Temple Street

HKTB steps up the promotion of the Temple Street experience. Focusing on Temple Street’s unique features, the promotion brings together the elements of food and arts to present a special event and enhance the lively ambience to motivate the public and tourists to revisit the place and attract first-time visitors for a unique evening experience.

  • Captivating street decorations: HKTB invited local architect Mr. Stanley Siu to design a series of illuminated art installations, road signs and art projections with Hong Kong and Temple Street-themed elements to embellish the area, creating a mesmerizing brilliance to brighten up Temple Street in the evening. A lineup of signs is placed along Jordan Road to guide visitors on their visit to Temple Street, allowing them to uncover the surprises.

  • A taste of Temple Street: Food stalls offer nostalgic snacks are set up near the Temple Street archway near Jordan, offering visitors refreshments of various local nibbles, exotic tastes, and nostalgic snacks before embarking on a local exploration.

    1. Illuminated art installations: Temple Street-themed illuminated art installations are set up at 11 locations. Look out for neon signs featuring the Chinese character symbolizing good fortune, the bat with a coin icon which brings luck and blessings, birds, fish balls, a pear-shaped herbal tea container and the spicy crab, and enjoy the artistic side of the local Temple Street culture. Nostalgic Hong Kong-styled elements, such as the railway gates, are also incorporated into the signs in a modern minimalist design, injecting a refreshing impression of the traditional Temple Street culture.

    2. Signature road signs: Artistic elements are added to existing road signs. For instance, cartoon icons of the Temple Street archway, clay pot rice, and spicy crabs are added to the street signs to provide visitors with information in a playful manner, making them an excellent photo option.

    3. Art projections: Art projections will brighten up your steps along Temple Street with lanterns, birds and other icons that showcase the unique life on Temple Street. With many visitors, including the Tin Hau Temple as one of their checkpoints, one of the projections features a Chinese character symbolizing bliss to bestow blessings upon visitors.

Extended hours for Tin Hau Temple Complex, Yau Ma Tei on Saturdays

With the support of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, the century-old Tin Hau Temple Complex, Yau Ma Tei, which is a declared monument in Hong Kong, will extend its opening hours every Saturday from 5pm to 10pm to add a cultural touch to the night-time vibes of Temple Street.

The HKTB thanks the Yau Ma Tei Temple Street Association of Hawkers and Shop Operators, merchants and residents in the community, and the government departments and the electricity company involved for their support and cooperation so that the promotion can be rolled out smoothly.

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