Hanvon Ugee Debuted at CES 2024 with Innovative Digital Drawing and Writing Solutions

Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hanvon Ugee, a global leader in digital drawing and writing, showcased its latest innovative products and solutions at the highly anticipated CES 2024 in Las Vegas. It showcased its technological prowess in digital drawing and writing to global partners at this influential tech event. Attendees who visit Booth #1101 at the Westgate’s Tech East location of the show will have the opportunity to view and experience the company’s three major proprietary brands.

As one of the world's largest and most impactful technology events, CES has long been a trendsetter for the consumer electronics industry and a window into cutting-edge tech products and future lifestyles. "All Together, All On" is the theme for CES 2024, emphasizing the convergence and synergy of global consumer electronics.

Pushing Boundaries, Leading Industry Standards  

With 26 years of expertise in the design and manufacturing of digital pen input devices, Hanvon Ugee's business spans digital art, digital handwriting, digital signatures, and more. The company has built a global presence with over 20 cross-border e-commerce platforms worldwide, 25 warehouse and service facilities, and sells products to over 160 countries and regions with  millions of devices sold to date.

Since its founding, Hanvon Ugee has been driven by innovation, focusing on proprietary R&D in digital drawing and writing technologies and applications. It holds industry-leading advantages in EMR technology, active capacitive pens, Bluetooth wireless transmission, display color management, digital ink intelligent processing, and more.

In 2023, Hanvon Ugee achieved breakthroughs like the X3 Pro chip stylus , ushering in a new era of chip pens for the digital pen users. The X3 Pro chip stylus is the first globally to feature 16,384 pressure levels, solving widespread issues like lag,  instability, frequency interference, and more. This provides users with a more efficient and comfortable ultimate creative experience.

Multi-Brand Strategy Targeting Diverse Needs

Hanvon Ugee implements distinct branding strategies tailored to various markets and customer segments. Its three proprietary consumer brands - Xencelabs, XPPen, and Ugee - cover pen tablets, pen displays, drawing tablets, accessories, and more for applications in animation, industrial design, illustration, VFX, remote education, e-signatures, and beyond. 

Xencelabs is dedicated to creating digital drawing tools that facilitate artistic expression for serious and professional digital content creators in the media and entertainment industry, as well as industrial design, engineering and for art and design classrooms and labs. In collaboration with industry leading influencers, Xencelabs aims to design tools that are intuitive and a natural extension of the creative process. At CES 2024, Xencelabs is showing products like the Pen Display 24 with brilliant color in 4K and finely tuned pressure curves. Its Pen Tablet Medium Bundle SE, Pen Tablet Medium Bundle and Pen Tablet Small, also provide best in class drawing performance and bring a studio-like drawing experience.

XPPen, as a digital art innovation brand targeting Generation Z creators, combines technology, trends, and artistic digital drawing products to support users in their creation and expression through continuous innovation and trendy design aesthetics. At CES 2024, XPPen unveiled a new category of professional mobile drawing tablet, the Magic Drawing Pad. This product combines EMR electromagnetic induction technology with the X3 Pro chip stylus technology to achieve 16,384 ultra-sensitive pressure levels, allowing for creating anytime, anywhere with a more delicate and smoother drawing experience. Popular products like the Artist 22 Plus, Artist Pro 16 (Gen2), and Deco Pro XLW (Gen 2) with the X3 Pro chip stylus were also showcased at CES 2024. These products provide users with a more delicate, smoother, and more interference-resistant drawing effect brought by the 16,384 ultra-sensitive pressure levels of the X3 Pro chip stylus technology.

ugee faces the emerging artists and anchors the entry-level digital drawing world, serving as a friendly, joyful, diverse and insightful partner for all. It is committed to providing versatile and personalized digital drawing solutions for hobbyists of drawing, educators and other diversified groups. Throughout this latest year, ugee has launched starry products like the Q8W Bluetooth Drawing Tablet tailor-made for beginners, Q6 Mobile Drawing Tablet that sets your creativity free from fixed space, M808/M908 Drawing Tablet upgraded from its popular parent, and UE12/UE12 PLUS Drawing Monitor that excels with ultra-high color gamut. Meanwhile, paired with 16K-level pressure sensitivity covering all new arrivals, ugee tried to provide ultimate cost-performance and superior drawing experience, ushering in the realm brimming with inspiration and creativity.

Innovating Together for the Future

For B2B, Hanvon Ugee partners with leading cross-industry companies like Xiaomi, TCL, and ByteDance to explore innovative applications with its advanced digital pen technology. Jointly developed products like Xiaomi LCD Blackboard, TCL tablets, Smart Writing Tablet, and Ugee Electronic LCD Signature Pad UG05 were displayed. 

Over the years, Hanvon Ugee, has created solutions for paperless signing, digital art education, e-textbooks, dot matrix pens, and more. Collaborating with global partners opens up limitless possibilities for pioneering products and applications.

CES allows Hanvon Ugee, to showcase innovations and connect with audiences, guests, media, and tech companies worldwide. Hanvon Ugee, will continue embracing open innovation to drive advancements in business and technology, leading the digital drawing and writing industry and enriching creative expression and civilization inheritance.

About Hanvon Ugee
Founded in 1998, Hanvon Ugee Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in digital pen input devices for a wide variety of creative and business applications, including digital illustration, digital handwriting, and digital signature approval. Our three brands, Xencelabs, XPPen and ugee provide cutting-edge digital tools and solutions such as pen tablets, pen displays and other relative accessories for a wide range of partners. 

To learn more, please visit https://www.hanvonUgee.com/en


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