Montana Knife Company calls on fellow hunting brands to support grassroots hunting efforts

FRENCHTOWN, Mont., Jan. 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As seen most recently on Fox and Friends and Joe Rogan's Podcast, Montana Knife Company has landed a spot on several "Top 10" Best Hunting Knife lists in 2023. Josh Smith, Founder and President of Montana Knife Company urges fellow hunting brands to remember why they entered the business and to support grassroots efforts aimed at conservation, hunting, and responsible wildlife management.

“Our tagline is working knives for working people and here at MKC it’s more than a soundbite, it’s our way of life. We are hunters and outdoorsmen first, and businessmen second. We owe it to groups like Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management (CRWM) to do more than just create the latest and greatest gear, but to put our money where our mouth is and join forces with these folks to protect and preserve our wild species and wild places. The anti-hunting agenda is a well-funded machine, and it’s on people like us to come together and protect our way of life,” said Josh Smith Founder and President of Montana Knife Company. “Hard work and the American Dream are alive and well in America’s hunting community, and it takes pounding the pavement and fighting against big government overreach to protect the Sportsmen’s way of life. I’m proud to announce Montana Knife Company’s donation of $5,000 to CRWM’s efforts and call on my fellow hunting brands to do the same.”

“Animals rights extremists have now introduced initiatives to go back to ballot box biology and allow the voters to determine the fate of managing Colorado big cat species and ban the hunting and harvest of those species by similar forms of how wolves were recently introduced into Colorado through a 2020 ballot initiative that steps away from science-based wildlife management and North American model of wildlife conservation,” said Dan Gates with CWRM. “CWRM efforts in defeating these ballot initiatives are a collaborative effort to help sustain wildlife management in perpetuity for future generations.”

Josh Smith’s recent video on the donation can be downloaded here.

Josh Smith, Founder & President, Montana Knife Company — From the age of 11, Josh had a love for outdoors and hunting sports. He founded a company as a master Bladesmith from his garage. Despite pressure to mass produce in China for cheaper items and larger quantities, Josh has remained true to his ideal that American made should be the standard, not the exception. With exposure, thanks to organic customers like Joe Rogan and Dana White, Josh has seen extreme success while remaining true to his original ideals. Josh's growth on social media has led him to a following of 48,000 on his personal Instagram and a following of 175,000 on Montana Knife Company.

Montana Knife Company: As seen most recently on Fox and Friends and Joe Rogan's Podcast, Montana Knife Company has landed a spot on several "Top 10" Best Hunting Knife lists in 2023. To name a few, MKC is Forbes Best Ultralight Hunting Knife, Outdoor Life's Best Handmade Knife, Field & Stream's Best Butcher Knife, and GearJunkies Runner-up Best Hunting Knife. MKC's black foot fixed blade 2.0 was also recommended as one of Hook & Barrel Magazines Backcountry Hunting Gear essentials.

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