Darwinium and AtData Forge Powerful Partnership Against Fraud

Partnership showcases efforts to expand Darwinium’s Evolution Ecosystem of Partners, strengthening customer integrations

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Darwinium, a leader in next-generation digital security and fraud prevention, today announces a collaboration to further enhance its customer insights by leveraging AtData’s industry-leading email address intelligence. Darwinium’s customers will now have access to AtData’s insights into the individuals behind an email address to power strategic risk decisions. When combined with Darwinium’s unique ability to deliver comprehensive visibility and orchestration across the entire customer journey, the partnership will serve as a force multiplier in fraud risk mitigation.

The move is part of Darwinium’s efforts to expand its Evolution Ecosystem of partners, which offers advanced intelligence via pre-integrated solutions to its customers. As a member of this ecosystem, AtData’s email-centric intelligence data is available through the Darwinium Marketplace and optimized through Darwinium’s open and flexible orchestration layer.

In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, fraudsters are using AI-powered fraud tools to accelerate new and more complex attack vectors. At the same time, email is still a key data element at the point of account creation, account management and payment transactions. By combining email address intelligence from AtData with layered native profiling of other digital and behavioral intelligence, Darwinium provides continuous risk assessment and actionable intelligence across customers’ entire web assets.

“Email has long been a key signal in establishing digital profiles and enabling confident online risk assessment,” said Jim Seymour, Darwinium’s global head of strategic alliances. “With increasingly complex AI-powered attacks, having the very best combination of intelligence in real-time is essential. By working with AtData, we can further enhance the decisions we drive with our customers."

“We are proud to collaborate with Darwinium, a company aligned with our commitment to customer service and anti-fraud efforts,” said AtData’s Chief Business Officer Phil Davis. “Darwinium's forward-thinking strategy, and relocating threat detection processes to the network edge, boosts customer agility and broadens visibility in the ongoing battle against emerging fraud. By combining AtData's email-centric intelligence, we elevate the accuracy of frictionless risk assessment, benefiting our shared customer base.”

About Darwinium
Darwinium's pioneering approach to continuous customer protection takes security and fraud prevention to the edge, removing the operational burden of implementing and maintaining API-based solutions. Darwinium provides complete visibility and control of every digital interaction - across web, apps and APIs - to separate good and bad behavior, in real time. Businesses can make more accurate, real-time decisions, and take dynamic, tailored remediation that favors the customer and not the fraudster. For more information, visit www.darwinium.com

About AtData
AtData, the Email Address Experts, is the leader in email address intelligence with the most accurate, comprehensive and privacy compliant email-centric data solutions. We leverage our 20-year dynamic, proprietary fields and models to identify malicious users hiding behind an email address stopping fraud in its tracks enabling organizations to avoid fake account creations, transactional fraud, and account takeovers. With AtData’s real-time fraud prevention solution, you can identify high-risk users resulting in cleaner customer data, less chargebacks, and increased conversions. For additional information, visit www.atdata.com

Sherlyn Rijos-Altman
Montner Tech PR