ESP Introduces ESP Ocean: Going Beyond Visibility with a Strategic Ocean Management Solution

Get automatic alerting on potential problems and recommended solutions to the movement of your goods

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ESP Logistics Technology (ESP), a company focused on using location intelligence to solve complex supply chain challenges and recommend solutions, is excited to introduce its ESP Ocean platform, tracking 250,000 ships daily. ESP Ocean was designed to enable companies to better understand the flow of ocean cargo, facilitating enhanced business and resource planning based on cargo ETAs, and mitigating disruptions.

“What makes ESP Ocean different is in our approach. We’ve designed the platform around space and time data structures, enabling a best-in-class flow analysis capability against potential disruption,” said Brian Smith, chief product officer at ESP.

Strategic Recommendations for Informed Decision-Making
ESP Ocean goes beyond cargo visibility by offering recommendations and alternative actions to avoid potential issues. This feature allows for more effective merchandise and sales planning, with insights into potentially missed transit points and other costly impacts. The platform integrates with 7000+ Esri Living Atlas data layers, including current and projected weather impacts, geopolitical risks, seasonal peaks, shipping lane congestion, and port congestion.

Provides In-Depth Insights
By analyzing historical and real-time data, the platform identifies patterns and helps users understand the reasons behind delays that may impact business plans. ESP uses five years’ worth of historical ocean intelligence worldwide, which enables forward-looking insights into seasonal impacts, congestion, dwell times, weather impacts, historical flow patterns, and more. By breaking down the silos between systems and supply chain providers, ESP’s platform delivers total visibility across the supply chain, with ESP Ocean focused on accurate ship and container tracking.

Gives More Value to Customers’ Existing System Investments
ESP Ocean integrates with existing Yard Management Systems (YMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), or any other business services IoT. A single, configurable dashboard provides quick and easy access to all relevant information from all systems on one screen.

About ESP
ESP’s mission is to connect the Global Supply Chain through its cloud-based geospatial platform that exponentially increases productivity via real-time location intelligence and end-to-end visibility while reducing environmental impact. The flow of goods, from manufacturing to air and shipping to warehousing and trucking, is a connected ecosystem that currently exists in disparate silos. With services that include geospatial technology and building a data pipeline, the vision is to unearth insights to unlock flow within the logistics and supply chain industries. For more information, visit

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Michael Silvagni