Seventeen Solutions Dedicated to Moving the Healthcare Industry Forward

Nashville, Tennessee, Jan. 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nashville Entrepreneur Center (NEC), a nonprofit helping to drive Nashville’s economy by increasing the likelihood of success for entrepreneurs, announced its highly-anticipated 2024 Project Healthcare cohort. This cohort's total lifetime equity raised amounts to $38.5M in the aggregate and marks a significant leap forward for the  Project Healthcare program. In total, this cohort employs over 160 full-time employees.

Now entering its seventh year, Project Healthcare, led by Chairman Eric Thrailkill, continues to forge influential connections, cementing its mission to develop the ecosystem in support of founders and entrepreneurs of healthcare services and healthtech companies. 

Sam Davidson, CEO of Nashville Entrepreneur Center, noted "Nashville is known as the most innovative healthcare community in the U.S.  We take pride in contributing to this thriving  collection of industry leading healthcare and health technology companies that has been developed over the past five decades. Over the next six months, we are poised with strong leadership, a rigorous curriculum, and the healthcare network necessary to unite these visionary founders, driving healthcare innovation and elevating their chances of success."

Meet the Trailblazers: A roster of 17 companies poised for industry impact:

Amenities | Dallas, TX | Aasim Saeed, Founder, CEO

Amenities is a Digital Front Door platform focused on patient acquisition and loyalty for large healthcare providers.

Aqueduct | New York, NY | Bill Tan, Founder, CEO

Aqueduct drastically reduces appointment no-shows through a SaaS platform that delivers personalized patient communication.

BatteryXchange | Charlotte, NC | Desmond Wiggan, Founder

BatteryXchange is revolutionizing engagement by enabling organizations to share information and resources with captive audiences through innovative sharing economy amenities.

CareCrown | Hendersonville, TN | Elizabeth Moss, Founder

CareCrown is a staff performance, employee recognition and rewards management app for personal support home care that uses game mechanics to reward employees.

Elucid Health | Allen, TX | Shahbaz Sohail, Founder

Physician-driven healthcare bridging gaps between payer and provider while integrating advanced technology and expert coordination service team for optimized outcomes.

FlexTogether | Dana Point, CA | Emily Mischel & Benji Rostoker, Co-Founders

FlexTogether is a telehealth practice that is accelerating the expansion of expanding access to pulmonary rehabilitation for the 53 million chronic lung disease patients.

Geeq | Nashville, TN | Stephanie So, Founder

Geeq’s secure blockchain technology introduces resilience to healthcare and supply chain systems. Apps can access continuously updated, synchronized, and auditable data.

Jordan River Living | Dexter, MI | Stephen Hopkins, Founder

Jordan River Living empowers those aged 50+ to age in their own homes with holistic care, financial security, and personalized support.

LUMINARE | Houston, TX | Sarma Velamuri M.D., Founder

LUMINARE's mission is to harness the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical workflow to produce the best clinical and financial outcomes for healthcare organizations.

Med Teams | Knoxville, TN | Kurt Davis, Founder

Med Teams help healthcare operational managers to efficiently schedule their employees across multiple sites.

MindWise Health | Brentwood, TN | Kishore Tummala, Founder

MindWise Health is a comprehensive and customizable mental and behavioral health platform that enhances provider and patient experience with features like Telehealth capabilities, patient tracking, and minimized administrative tasks.

MultiplAI Health | Annapolis, MD | Santiago Miriuka & Meg Samek-Smith, Co-Founders

MultiplAI Health is a preventive medicine company pioneering blood screening for cardiovascular and other complex diseases. Powered by genomic RNAseq, proprietary data transformation, and comprehensive AI analysis.

Sonic Blocks | Alexandria, VA | Scott Wilker & Jordan Wilker, Co-Founders

Sonic Blocks is a modular health risk detection smart speaker. Combining modular sensors, computer vision, and AI to collect and analyze vocal biomarkers to monitor physical, mental, behavioral, and neurodegenerative health.

Subflow | Alexandria, VA | Mitch Lawson, Founder

Subflow empowers organizations to engage and monetize any audience.

Thanzius | Memphis, TN | Tendie Muzorewa, Founder

Thanzius is advancing maternal health equity with machine learning by developing software that helps clinicians identify who will develop hypertensive disorders during pregnancy, even before symptoms appear.

Ursamin | Fayetteville, NY | Shannon Aylesworth, Founder

Ursamin's digital Care Coordination Platform helps patients living with multiple chronic illnesses get better outcomes by bringing care teams and patients together into one platform.

Whitecoat | Franklin, TN | Liam Woodard & Craig Myers, Co-Founders

A Simplified Healthcare Education Solution. Whitecoat Technologies streamlines healthcare education and management with a single, simple, digital platform.

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