OpsMx Announces New Incentives for Armory Spinnaker Customers

Armory Customers Can Protect Their Continuous Delivery (CD) Investment Following the Acquisition of Armory by Harness

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpsMx, the secure software delivery company and leader in open source Spinnaker, today announced new discounts, incentives, and support services to help current Armory customers move to OpsMx. The acquisition of Armory by Harness has customers worried about Armory’s commitment to Spinnaker and the risk to their Spinnaker investment. This OpsMx program provides Armory customers with a lower-cost, low-friction path for their future CD platforms without getting locked into proprietary solutions from Harness. This program is based on OpsMx’s past experience helping some of the world’s largest enterprises move their Spinnaker support from Armory to OpsMx.

“No one wants to add an unplanned CD migration project to their plans for the new year,” said Gopal Dommety, CEO and co-founder of OpsMx. “Customers have made big investments in Spinnaker as a foundation for robust software delivery and deployment. I’ve already heard from current Armory customers concerned about this news. Know that OpsMx remains committed to Spinnaker and we welcome the opportunity to help more Spinnaker customers get the most from the platform.”

Spinnaker remains the proven solution for large-scale, multi-cloud software deployments. The Spinnaker open source project, sponsored by the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), is guided by technical leaders from companies such as Apple, Salesforce, and JPMorgan Chase. OpsMx has long been a top contributor to the Spinnaker open source project, and OpsMx Chief Technology Officer Gopinath Rebala is a member of the Spinnaker Technical Oversight Committee.

Armory Transition Program
The purchase of Armory’s Spinnaker business by Harness raises uncertainty for current Armory customers. The Harness announcement does not include any plans for continued development of Armory products. Harness has built its business on a proprietary set of DevOps tools while treating Spinnaker as a competitive solution. Customers who have made a commitment to Spinnaker can protect their investment by moving to OpsMx just as other Armory customers have done.

OpsMx is now offering incentives and limited time benefits for current Armory customers who want to keep using Spinnaker, including:

  • Free Transition Services. OpsMx has already helped large enterprise customers keep their Spinnaker implementation and move from Armory to OpsMx support in as little as a weekend. As part of this program, OpsMx is providing professional services for the transition at no cost to Armory customers.
  • Special Discounts. Armory customers can receive up to a 40% discount off OpsMx standard support pricing.
  • Trade-in Credits. Armory customers may qualify for a trade-in credit based on the value of the unused portion of their current Armory contract. With trade-in credits, Armory customers may be able to move now at no cost rather than waiting for the end of their current Armory contract.
  • Immediate Support. OpsMx can begin supporting customers’ current Spinnaker implementation immediately, before they complete their transition to OpsMx.

Overall, Armory customers who have moved to OpsMx report a lower cost, broader set of enterprise and security features, and higher quality support from a team that understands the broader application context.

OpsMx: Continued Commitment to Spinnaker
OpsMx continues to invest in extending and enhancing the Spinnaker platform. This includes:

  • Top quality, cost-effective 24x7 enterprise support, provided by an integrated team of Spinnaker, cloud, DevOps, and security experts.
  • “Spinnaker as a Service” with ongoing management of Spinnaker operations, including upgrades and maintenance, or SaaS delivery.
  • Ongoing fixes to CVEs in open source Spinnaker, delivered in as little as 30 days.
  • Custom Spinnaker development work, such as custom stages and new platform integrations, provided by OpsMx’s Spinnaker Center of Excellence.
  • Automated verification or approval of new releases based on AI/ML driven-analysis of observed application behavior.
  • Integration with Argo CD to provide an open path to GitOps.
  • OpsMx Deploy Shield to automate compliance tracking and policy enforcement across the software delivery and deployment process.
  • Ongoing development of new features and capabilities suggested by OpsMx’s many Spinnaker users.

OpsMx is sharing its view on the future of Spinnaker in today’s free webinar "Spinnaker 2024: Navigating New Horizons in Multi-Cloud Deployments" presented by Gopinath Rebala, OpsMx CTO, and Bob Boule, OpsMx Vice President of Product.

Armory Transition incentives are available to any Armory customer holding a current Spinnaker support contract. Interested customers should contact info@opsmx.com to learn more about the specific benefits available to them under this program.


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