Siblings Nina Laushell & Chris Kasmer Celebrate 5 Years in Business & Grow Sales of Minuteman Press Franchise in Levittown, PA

LEVITTOWN, Pa., Jan. 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nina Laushell and Chris Kasmer are the owners of the Minuteman Press franchise in Levittown, PA since November of 2018. As they reflect on 5 years in business, Nina and Chris share their keys to growth and success, their journey to Minuteman Press in Levittown, and how collaborating with clients and employees leads to rewarding outcomes for all involved.

On their achievements, Minuteman Press International Philadelphia Area Manager Brian Regenye says, “Nina and Chris have done a tremendous job since buying the business and taking over operations of Minuteman Press in Levittown, PA. They continue to build their client base by actively listening and engaging with their customers, networking in the community, and treating people the right way.”

Congrats on 5 years in business! What does this mean to you and what are 3 keys to success?

Chris: “The 5 year mark is satisfying, especially when you factor in the setback of the pandemic, and we've learned a lot. We purchased an existing store that needed some TLC. Relocating, adding equipment, and re-training our customers are just a few of the tasks that have made the time fly. Oh yeah, and learning a business that was mostly foreign to us! Our 3 biggest keys to success are: 1. Quote quickly; 2. Provide exceptional customer service; and 3. Create a positive atmosphere in the shop.”

What are the key ways you’ve grown your business?

Nina: “We’ve grown by networking every chance we get! We belong to the local chapters of our Chamber of Commerce and LeTip International, which continues to bring in great repeat business. We increased our SEO/SEM spending since 2022, leading to new business opportunities weekly. We also added a large format printer allowing us to provide same-day blueprint and poster printing.”

What are your high demand products and key growth areas?

Nina: “Our highest demand products are forms, envelopes, flyers, booklets, and business cards. Our key growth areas are large format printing, direct mail, and apparel.”

How would you best describe your community?

Chris: “Levittown, PA is a very diverse community with many local businesses and organizations but also a good amount of industrial parks and office complexes. There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit as well, with many of our walk-in customers needing help in promoting their new businesses. Our customers often comment after their first visit how nice it is to work with people who care about their needs.”

Why do you think printing remains so vital to businesses today?

Chris: “People like to keep printed materials for future reference. Print is easier to read than digital media and the tactile nature can make the message last longer. There are so many forms of print that you can budget wisely to market your company and its products and services.”

What was your background before franchising?

Nina: “I graduated from college with a marketing degree and worked for four different advertising agencies over a 10-year period. During this time, my brother Chris, his friend, and my dad started a plastics manufacturing company called LTL Color Compounders. Their background was chemical engineering and the company grew rapidly.

I decided to join the business with them and worked there for about 25 years. In 2014, LTL was sold and I finished out my contract with the company over the next 2.5 years. During that time, Chris was doing commercial real estate and investing, and once my contract was up, we wanted to work together again.

Chris attended the Philadelphia Franchise Expo in 2016 and that is where we first learned about Minuteman Press. We liked the b2b business model and we stayed in touch as we decided on our next steps. Two years later, there was a shop in Bristol, PA that was put up for sale. The previous owner was retiring and so Chris and I bought that Minuteman Press franchise. We have since relocated the business to our current location – 4411 New Falls Road, Levittown, PA 19056.”

Why Minuteman Press?

Nina: “The 3 biggest reasons we chose Minuteman Press were: 1. The business model matched our criteria – b2b plus no nights; 2. The franchise support was strong and we were comfortable moving forward; and 3. The FLEX software that we knew would help us manage the business and reinforced the notion that we didn’t need to recreate the wheel.”

What has the support from Minuteman Press International been like for you?

Chris: “As a Minuteman Press franchise owner, it’s great knowing that both headquarters and local representatives are always there if you need them, without hesitation. The FLEX Software is top notch and the focus on continuous improvement in areas such as vendor contracts, SEO/SEM, and the website is encouraging. The constant analysis of new technologies, trends, and equipment by MPI gives us the comfort to focus all of our efforts on getting new customers and keeping our current ones very happy.”

What are the biggest rewards of owning your business?

Chris: “It is nice to know that you ‘control your own destiny’. The most rewarding part is seeing the satisfaction on our customers’ faces and knowing that you can be a direct factor in helping them succeed. The freedom to put your own ideas to work in collaboration with your employees is very rewarding. It’s also a great feeling to provide a positive, fun environment so our employees can thrive and enjoy their jobs.”

What advice would you give to other business owners?

Nina: “Listen to your customers and educate them when necessary. Most of our smaller customers have no printing or marketing experience and they are always appreciative when we guide them through the process and deliver the best product(s) to fit their needs.

Also, DON’T SAY NO… unless the request is impossible or unreasonable. We get a lot of business from new customers because their current printer cannot meet their deadlines.”

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