NorthStar Moving Partners with Corporate Relocation Coach

Workplace culture coach assists businesses & employees when relocating internationally

Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NorthStar Moving® Company, the leading eco-luxury mover in California, announced today a new service partnership for their corporate clients to support their employees when they relocate to an international office. 

The new collaboration with Certified Professional Relocation Coach Sharon Gilor provides employees with customized strategies and tools to navigate a foreign business setting. Sharon is a cross-cultural trainer with over 25 years of experience working as a manager in international settings. She has worked and lived in the USA, Venezuela, Canada, Belgium, Myanmar, and Israel and brings her unique global experience and strategic insights to her coaching practice. Sharon teaches her clients skills to learn how to read interpersonal communication accurately in the new workplace; adapt appropriate managerial behaviors aligned with the new workplace’s local culture; and more to make the international transition as seamless as possible.

“We are pleased to partner with Coach Gilor to provide our corporate clients with a unique, but critical service when relocating their employees abroad,” said NorthStar Moving Co-Founder & Chief of Organized Living Laura McHolm. “Relocating to a new office in your own country requires adjustments to understand the new workplace culture. That challenge is intensified when relocating to an office in a foreign country. Coach Gilor helps employees swiftly understand the new local cultural business norms to remove barriers, and allow the employee to master their role in the business environment of the host country.”

“Living and working in a foreign country is an exciting experience. However, with the excitement comes the stress and worries of adapting to an unfamiliar social and professional environment,” said Certified Professional Relocation Coach Sharon Gilor. “I work closely with each employee to build a program that meets their needs, so they find comfort and confidence to excel in the new culture.”

This new package can be requested individually or combined with any of NorthStar Moving’s other “Business Extras” services. 

The Corporate Culture Coach - Relocating employees to work in a new country? Expanding your business and providing employees with an opportunity to work abroad is exciting. However, learning the norms of a new culture’s professional environment can be an obstacle course for your staff. Certified Professional Relocation Coach Sharon Gilor assists your employees with navigating the foreign setting. She will customize each coaching session, so your employee can understand the new workplace’s cultural behavior, communication styles and more. Coach Gilor’s training sessions will enable your employee to feel comfortable and confident in their new international office so  they can excel in their new position. 

Reach out to our master corporate culture coach to ensure your employees adapt quickly and smoothly in their new business environment abroad. 

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