Lleida.net obtains three new patents in South America, reinforcing its innovative edge in electronic communications

Madrid, 18th January.- Lleida.net, a publicly traded Spanish company (OTCQX: OTC.US, Euronext Growth: ALLLN.PA, BME Growth: LLN.MA), has strengthened its leadership in electronic communications with the acquisition of three patents in South America. 

The new patents granted in the region is as follows:

1. Brazil (11/21/2023): Patent No BR102015003034-7, entitled "Method for producing electronic contracts certified by a user of a telecommunications operator." This patent focuses on streamlining the generation of electronic contracts, improving the reliability of digital transactions.

2. Uruguay (3/10/2023): Invention Patent No. 15350, under the name "Method for the Certification of Electronic Mail Containing a Recognized Electronic Signature by a Telecommunications Operator." This technology improves the legal validity and security of electronic mail.

3. Colombia (28/9/2023): Certificate Number: 41977, "Method for Signing Contracts Electronically." A patent for electronic contract-signing methods boosts the efficiency and security of digital agreements.

With these additions, Lleida.net already counts with 306 patents in its intellectual property portfolio, distributed in more than 60 countries on the five continents, showing its wide scope and influence in electronic signature, notification, and certified electronic contracting.

Sisco Sapena, CEO and founder of Lleida.net highlighted that "our growing patent portfolio, especially in strategic markets such as South America, underlines our dedication to innovation and global expansion. These patents clearly indicate our leadership in the digital communication sector, and we hope they will help us generate relevant business opportunities in the region."

A strong focus on intellectual property and R&D and a solid internationalization policy characterize Lleida.net's approach to growth.

The company, a leading figure in the European e-signature, e-notification, and e-contracting sectors, is listed on several stock exchanges, including BME Growth in Madrid since 2015, Euronext Growth in Paris since 2018, and OTCQX in New York since 2020.


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