Salestrekker surpasses half a million eSigned envelopes with Annature ahead of 2.0 launch


BRISBANE, Australia, Jan. 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Salestrekker, a leading CRM and loan origination platform used by thousands of mortgage and finance brokers, today announced a significant milestone in its exclusive partnership with Australian eSigning innovator Annature.

Since adopting Annature’s eSigning technology in February 2022, Salestrekker’s network of nearly 10,000 brokers have sent over half a million ‘envelopes’ to clients for secure and efficient digital signing. This represents 100% growth in the number of completed envelopes compared to Salestrekker’s previous eSigning solution.

As the first broker CRM to effectively digitise the loan process end-to-end, Salestrekker highlighted Annature’s eSignature solution as vital to its overall success. According to Salestrekker CEO and founder Dalibor Ivkovic, the number of platform users has grown 10% in the past 12 months, with particularly strong uptake of eSigning through the platform.

“By removing time-consuming manual processes, Annature’s solution closely aligns with our point-of-difference as a 100% percent digital platform,” Ivkovic said. “Annature is ISO 27001-certified and utilises blockchain technology to keep data stored within the platform, which we consider to be major advantages.”

“Our brokers report that digital signing is far more efficient and intuitive than printing and scanning documents, and the security of Annature’s solution gives them and their clients peace of mind,” he added. Ivkovic also praised Annature’s competitive pricing structure, which facilitated a significant cost saving compared to non-Australian signature companies.

“We’re proud to see the rapid impact of our eSigning solution for brokers using Salestrekker,” said Annature founder and CEO Corey Cacic. “Sending over half a million envelopes in under two years is an incredible achievement, and a clear sign our technology is trusted by finance professionals. We look forward to continuing our partnership and reaching even more brokers in 2024.”

Salestrekker and Annature reached this milestone ahead of the launch of Salestrekker 2.0 in January 2024. The refreshed and modernised platform promises lightning-fast responsiveness on any device, with supercharged automation, exceptional task functionality and all-new tools for commercial brokers (in addition to existing home loan and asset finance tools). In this new iteration, Annature remains Salestrekker’s exclusive eSigning partner.

“We’re excited for our brokers to discover everything Salestrekker 2.0 has to offer,” Ivkovic added. “We estimate brokers spend an average of 15 working hours to process each loan, and our target for Salestrekker is to dramatically reduce that processing time to five hours. With Annature’s eSigning solution already saving our users thousands of hours, we’re confident in meeting this ambitious goal through our continued partnership.”


Annature is Australia's leading eSignature and client verification provider, established in 2020. We offer secure and efficient digital signing solutions ideal for businesses needing to send documents electronically and conduct client verifications seamlessly.


Salestrekker is a CRM and loan origination platform for lenders, aggregators, mortgage and finance brokers. The platform helps brokers and sales staff connect with their clients and referral partners, provide credit advice, produce compliance documents and submit loans to over 100 lenders. Salestrekker also presents lender product data and provides extensive tools, calculators and lender gateways essential to providing customers with loans.

Corey Cacic, Annature CEO

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