IGadgets and TOPSKY Team collaborate on promoting the TOPSKY XFlip - The World's First ChatGPT-Powered AR Glasses

GARDEN GROVE, Calif., Jan. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IGadgets is pleased to announce its collaboration with TOPSKY, the trailblazing creator of XFlip AR Glasses. These innovative glasses mark a paradigm shift in augmented reality (AR) experiences, and IGadgets is proud to take on the role of marketing the ground breaking XFlip.

Powered by advanced AI technology, XFlip AR Glasses seamlessly integrate with everyday life, offering users a revolutionary AR experience with crystal-clear displays and intuitive controls. TOPSKY, known for its commitment to excellence and innovation, has already received rave reviews from satisfied customers around the globe.

Let’s dive into the transformative world of the XFlip AR Glasses, where innovation meets immersion, setting a new standard for augmented reality experiences that transcend conventional boundaries.

Stylish camera-free smart glasses for All-Day wear

XFlip stands out not only for its cutting-edge technology but also for its stylish design, perfect for all-day wear. The absence of a camera ensures a discreet and comfortable user experience.

Wireless Bluetooth AR Eyewear with OpenAI Integration

As Bluetooth glasses featuring a MicroLED screen, XFlip not only lets you listen to music but also displays real-time lyrics on the screen. The integration with OpenAI enhances the user experience, providing innovative features that set XFlip apart.

Hands-Free Interaction with ChatGPT

Experience hands-free convenience with XFlip by utilizing ChatGPT for AI-based interactions, making tasks such as messaging and information retrieval effortlessly intuitive.

Voice Recording and AI Auto Summarization

XFlip allows users to record audio and automatically generate a summary, streamlining the process and making it easy to share essential information via email.

Mindmap Integration, Schedule Management, and Reminders

XFlip is not just a pair of glasses; it's your intelligent assistant. With features like mindmap integration, AI-driven schedule management, and timely reminders, XFlip keeps users organized and on top of their tasks.

A New Intelligent AR Glasses Experience

Unlike other AR glasses, XFlip requires no separate ChatGPT app installation. All data processing is handled by your phone and OpenAI, with the glasses acting as a command and display terminal, using whisper technology for seamless voice control.

AI-Driven Secure Data Storage

XFlip introduces a new AI-driven approach for secure data storage, ensuring user privacy and data protection.

One-Click Connection to OpenAI with 6 AI Voices

Powered by OpenAI Whisper

XFlip offers a one-click connection to OpenAI, enhancing user experience with 6 AI voices powered by OpenAI Whisper technology.

See the Screen Clearly in Any Scenario

XFlip guarantees a clear screen with Micro-LED up to 2000Nits, providing users with a reliable and versatile AR glasses experience.

9 AI Modes - A Spectrum of Possibilities

With a hands-free intelligent assistant, especially one powered by robust OpenAI services, a new world of possibilities unfolds. XFlip AR Glasses introduce nine distinct AI modes:

  • Cooking Mode: Transform your kitchen experience by showing XFlip the contents of your fridge, receiving a plethora of options for a delectable meal.
  • Driving Mode: Prioritizing safety, only essential prompts appear, and the screen seamlessly transitions to voice mode after a brief display.
  • Reading Mode: Unleash the power of a real-time AI+AR assistant, aiding in finding necessary materials and information while reading and writing.

There are also other modes like:

  • Gaming Mode
  • Yoga Mode
  • Translation Mode
  • Morse Code Mode
  • ChatGPT Mode (BT)


TOPSKY the maker of XFlip AR Glasses, a cutting-edge device that revolutionizes the way we experience augmented reality. Since 2008, HKTOPSKY has designed and manufactured 14 AR devices, all of which were launched on schedule with a 100% success rate. Over 15 years of ODM experience has enabled them to successfully serve 40+ Fortune 500 companies for their custom AR device needs and offer competitive pricing.

Moreover, with the experience of more than 15 years of AR device R&D, TOPSKY has the full capability to deliver AR devices from scratch to delivery within 6 months, including design, R&D, production, testing, packaging, and logistics, relying on our 3 production bases and passionate R&D team.

For further information please contact:

to [topsky@hktopsky.com].

Or visit https://xflip.ai/ or check the TOPSKY campaign page here.

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