PhysicalMind Offers 80Bites Program to Weight Watchers; Announces 80Bites E-Book release “Oprah Obesity Ozempic”

NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PhysicalMind Institute, a pioneering Pilates & Posture & BodyMind Exercise company, announces it is offering to gift WW its 80Bites program. The positive results from these new miracle weight loss drugs means the public now knows that hormone regulation is the key to weight loss, not burning calories or counting Points. 

"In what the NY Times has dubbed the 'golden age of medicine', we have the potential to eliminate the obesity epidemic. Ozempic has demonstrated that weight loss is more about hormones than calories. However, whether on the drugs or not, the individual needs to eat less, less often so stomach size and sensitivity is now the focus," said Joan Breibart, President and Founder of PhysicalMind Institute.

80Bites (previously known as Diet Directives) is the ONLY low quantity diet.

When the creators of this low quantity diet met with WW in 2006 it became clear that their Chief Scientific Officer understood how this low quantity approach differed from enabling dieters to eat constantly by manipulating nutrients to keep calories low. And, WW Points program unbalanced the gut hormones which regulate hunger. "Now that WW is going into the drug dispensing business, they need an eating program that works with the medication. 80Bites is the solution and WW can own it," added Breibart.

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About PhysicalMind Institute:

For more than three decades, PhysicalMind Institute has been an innovator in the Pilates sector, securing numerous trademarks and patents for various Pilates, Posture and Fitness props and equipment. PMI started the Pilates Certification business in 1991 when they were the Institute for the Pilates Method. Today they emulate Joe Pilates’ commitment to innovation by inventing and patenting body products that are needed in the 21st century.

Contact: Joan Breibart
Organization: PhysicalMind Institute
Phone: (212) 343-2150

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Oprah Obesity Ozempic