Holaluz receives Adigital's Algorithmic Transparency Certification to promote responsible and ethical AI

Madrid, January 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Holaluz-Clidom S.A. (BME:HLZ) receives Adigital's Algorithmic Transparency Certification to promote responsible and ethical AI

  • The certificate, a pioneer in Europe, promotes the creation and implementation of responsible artificial intelligence systems, through transparency and explainability.
  • The initial tests started in 2023 led by Adigital. The project was presented in Brussels last October. The OECD has decided to include Adigital certification in its Good Practice Guide to ensure that Artificial Intelligence tools have a responsible and efficient regulatory framework.
  • Holaluz joined the project from the beginning and now receives the certification that places it, together with Adevinta and Shakers, as game changers in the digital sector, focusing its activity on the positive impact on society.

The Algorithmic Transparency Certificate of Adigital, the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy, completed its pilot phase with three Spanish companies, Holaluz, Adevinta (InfoJobs), and Shakers, to be the first to obtain this certificate. 

The initiative presented three months ago in Brussels within the framework of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, is an example of governance of new technologies, which is aligned with the regulations on the subject while maintaining the focus on innovation. It is a pioneering project, with a vocation for public-private collaboration, which has recently been included in the Good Practice Guide drawn up by the OECD. 

The certificate promotes the creation and implementation of responsible artificial intelligence systems, through transparency and explainability. The certificate, which was awarded today to Holaluz along with the other two participating companies at an event organized by Adigital in Madrid, was achieved after passing a meticulous questionnaire focused on six basic criteria that cover everything from data sources and models to security, access and monitoring of the system in production. In addition, global AI ethics benchmarks have been integrated, aligning them with the standards defined by leading organizations such as the OECD and UNESCO. More than a dozen companies are already interested in the certificate. 

Justo Hidalgo, director of Artificial Intelligence at Adigital said: "Our certification demonstrates the commitment of companies to develop AI systems that are responsible by design, anticipating regulation and generating a climate of trust in this technology. All this, without hindering innovation and competitiveness. At the European level, we are about to define the standards that will govern the industry from now on, and our country must seize the opportunity to lead in this field.”

Roger Lloret, Data Manager at Holaluz, comments: "At Holaluz we were born with ESG DNA, generating a positive impact on the planet and people in all our operations. Therefore, the company's data, regulatory, and ESG teams work together to unlock the potential of AI to produce transparent, responsible, and environmentally friendly algorithms that mitigate risks. This algorithmic transparency standard enables us to provide a compliance solution for all organizations that use algorithmic systems in their day-to-day activities and to highlight the importance of responsible and ethical AI in developing more efficient operations and delivering value to our customers and partners". 

Responsible use of technology 

The programme, a pioneer in Europe, is one of the most ambitious projects of the association as a solution to promote responsible, explainable, and inclusive Artificial Intelligence.

Adigital is committed to and has extensive experience in promoting self-regulation and regulation solutions for the digital economy as a whole, which fosters trust in the online environment.

About Holaluz

Holaluz is an energy transition company that was created with the conviction of being a tool for global change and the aim of achieving a world that moves 100% thanks to green energy. Holaluz proposes a structural change: transforming the current energy generation model -centralised and non-renewable- towards a new model with more weight of distributed generation and 100% green. 

Based on a unique strategy of two businesses - the installation of solar panels and energy management - and with the vision of creating the largest green energy community in Europe, Holaluz is building a green ecosystem in homes by transforming m2 of rooftops into 100% renewable electricity producers and optimising the efficiency of its installations through flexible assets such as EV chargers and batteries. A sustainable, cheaper way for everyone to meet the growing electrification of demand. 

Holaluz's purpose is centered on the planet and people. The people in the team can develop holistically, with flexibility, autonomy, and parity at all levels of decision-making. All this, together with a business model of genuine impact and an ESG DNA, have made Holaluz the first European electricity company to receive B Corp certification (a seal that gives visibility to companies that innovate to maximise their positive impact on employees, the communities they serve and the environment). It is also the founder of the Conscious Capitalism movement in Spain, a philosophy that recognises the innate potential of business to have a positive impact on the world.

In January 2023, the world's leading ESG and corporate governance research and rating agency Sustainalytics ranked Holaluz number 1 in Sustainalytics' global ESG risk ranking in the Independent Power Production and Traders category, and in July 2023 it was awarded the Ecovadis gold medal for its sustainability performance

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About Adigital 

Adigital, the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy, is made up of more than 525 associated companies from key sectors of the digital economy united by a common goal: to create in Spain and Europe an optimal environment for the development and growth of the digital economy, which allows to achieve a more open, competitive and sustainable society, with special attention to digital ethics. To achieve this, it works through the representation and defense of the interests of its members, dissemination, research, the promotion of collaboration models with institutions, and the generation of trust and self-regulation systems in the digital environment. Adigital is also a certifying body for the digital economy, with self-regulation and transparency seals. More information at www.adigital.org.

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