Advanced Energy Storage & Harvesting Market Technologies 2024-2034: Forecasts for Lithium-ion, Sodium-ion, Metal-air, Solid-state, Printed, Flexible, Transparent & Other Advanced Battery Technologies

Dublin, Jan. 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Global Market for Advanced Energy Storage & Harvesting Technologies 2024-2034" report has been added to's offering.

Batteries, Supercapacitors, Hydrogen Energy Storage, Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES), Thermal Energy Storage, Mechanical Energy Storage, Fuel Cells, Photovoltaics, and Other Energy Harvesting & Batteryless Devices.

The global transition toward renewable electricity faces challenges around intermittency and grid stability. Solutions for advancing affordable storage with faster response times, longer duration capacity, greater energy density and location flexibility are essential.

This extensive report provides global market forecasts for advanced battery technologies, supercapacitors, alternative chemical energy storage, thermal and mechanical concepts from 2018 to 2034. It assesses lithium-ion, solid-state, metal-air, sodium-ion, printed and flexible batteries among other chemistries across transportation, grid infrastructure, consumer electronics and stationary storage.

Regional demand analysis covers North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of World markets. The report profiles over 650 companies involved in areas like battery materials, management systems, fuel cell development and thermal storage. Multiple alternative storage concepts like power-to-gas, pumped hydro, compressed air and cryogenic storage are examined as well.

Technologies covered include:

  • Batteries (Li-ion, Lithium-Metal, Lithium-Sulfur, Lithium Titanate & Niobate, Sodium-ion, Aluminium-ion, All-solid state batteries (ASSBs), Flexible, Transparent, Degradable, Printed, Redox Flow, and Zinc, Iron-air, High Temperature)
  • Supercapacitors
  • Hydrogen Energy Storage
  • Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES)
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Mechanical Energy Storage
  • Fuel Cells
  • Photovoltaics
  • Other Energy Harvesting & Batteryless Devices.

Latest developments in battery recycling processes, manufacturing equipment innovation, sharing economy business models, second-life utilization and environmental impact reduction are reviewed. Long duration storage requirements associated with stabilizing renewable energy penetration are evaluated.

Report contents include:

  • Global market analysis and forecasts for lithium-ion, sodium-ion, metal-air, solid-state, printed, flexible, transparent and other advanced battery technologies
  • Assessment of supercapacitors, hydrogen storage, synthetic fuels, thermal and mechanical storage, fuel Cells, photovoltaics, and energy Harvesting & batteryless devices.
  • Regional demand analysis - North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Rest of World
  • Renewable energy storage requirements and cost evolution projections
  • Emerging storage techniques - redox flow batteries, cryogenic, gravity concepts etc
  • Technology review of battery materials, manufacturing processes, recycling
  • Strategic metal availability concerns affecting battery value chains
  • Grid infrastructure technology analysis from decentralized to scaled centralized
  • Behind-the-meter residential and commercial storage demands
  • Transport electrification requirements for cars, buses, trucks, marine vessels
  • Stationary storage needs across data centers, communications infrastructure
  • Space utilization trade-offs: density vs power vs discharge duration vs cost
  • Integration issues - smart grids, EV charging, hydrogen infrastructure
  • Player ecosystem across established battery firms, startups, industrial groups
  • Standards evolution for second life utilization, environmental reporting tools
  • Start-up activity heat map across advanced storage technology categories
  • 600+ company profiles across Li-ion value chain, capacitors, fuel cells etc. Companies profiled include AMSL Aero, Atlas Materials, Ambri, Battolyser Systems, Brilliant Matters, Cactos, CMBlu Energy, Energy Vault, Enerpoly, Enervenue, Ensol, ESS Tech, e-Zinc, Factorial, Fourth Power, Flow Aluminum, Gelion, GKN Hydrogen, Gotion High Tech, Graphene Manufacturing Group, H2MOF, High Performace Battery Holding, Inobat, Inx, Jolt Electrodes, Kraftblock, LIND, Lyten, MFA Thermal, Northvolt, Our Next Energy, Oxford Photovoltaics, Rondo Energy, Salient Energy, SaltX, Sicona Battery Technologies, Sila, Skeleton Technologies, Soleolico, Solid Power, Stabl Energy, TasmanIon, Tiamat, Verkor and VFlowTech.

Key Topics Covered:


2.1 Classification of energy storage technologies
2.2 Global Market for Advanced Energy Storage and Energy Harvesting Technologies
2.3 Technologies
2.4 Global revenues

3.1 The global market for advanced batteries
3.2 Market drivers
3.3 Battery market megatrends
3.4 Advanced materials for batteries
3.5 Motivation for battery development beyond lithium
3.6 Battery chemistries
3.7 Lithium-ion batteries
3.8 Lithium metal batteries
3.9 Lithium sulfur batteries
3.10 Lithium titanate and niobate batteries
3.11 Sodium-ion batteries
3.11.1 Technology description
3.12 Sodium-sulfur batteries
3.13 Aluminium-ion batteries
3.14 All-solid state batteries
3.15 Flexible batteries
3.16 Transparent batteries
3.17 Degradable batteries
3.18 Printed batteries
3.19 Redox Flow Batteries
3.20 Rechargeable Zinc batteries
3.21 Iron-air batteries
3.22 High-temperature / molten-salt
3.23 Companies

4.1 Technology description
4.2 Electrolytes
4.3 Conductive hydrogels
4.4 Flexible and stretchable supercapacitors
4.5 Printed supercapacitors
4.6 Markets for supercapacitors
4.7 Companies

5.1 Market overview
5.2 Power-to-gas
5.3 Power-to-liquid
5.4 Hydrogen
5.5 Feedstocks
5.6 Production
5.7 Electrolysers
5.8 Direct Air Capture
5.9 Costs
5.10 Market challenges
5.11 Companies

6.1 Overview
6.2 Types of thermal storage systems
6.3 Sensible heat storage
6.4 Latent heat storage
6.5 Reversible thermochemical reactions
6.6 Phase change materials
6.7 Electro-thermal energy storage
6.8 Companies

7.1 Introduction
7.2 Compressed air energy storage
7.3 Liquid-air energy storage
7.4 Liquid CO2 Energy Storage
7.5 SENS
7.6 Gravitational energy storage
7.7 Companies

8.1 Introduction
8.2 Fuel cell technologies
8.3 Markets and applications
8.4 Companies

9.1 Global Solar PV market
9.2 Thin film and Flexible Solar Cells
9.3 Market players
9.4 Concentrated solar power
9.5 Agrivoltaics
9.6 Building Integrated Photovoltaics
9.7 Floating photovoltaics
9.8 Global market for PV solar cells to 2033, by technology
9.9 Company profiles

10.1 Passive Devices
10.2 Active Backscatter Devices
10.3 Wireless Power Transfer
10.4 Radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting
10.5 Piezoelectric materials
10.6 Thermoelectric materials
10.7 Electromagnetics
10.8 Electrochemical
10.9 Triboelectric Harvesting
10.10 Acoustic Harvesting
10.11 Battery-free electronics
10.12 Metamaterials
10.13 Powering E-textiles
10.14 Wireless sensor networks
10.15 Supply chain/Logistics item tagging
10.16 Smart city deployments
10.17 Electronic shelf labels, retail tech
10.18 Marine energy harvesting
10.19 Company profiles

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes

  • AMSL Aero
  • Atlas Materials
  • Ambri
  • Battolyser Systems
  • Brilliant Matters
  • Cactos
  • CMBlu Energy
  • Energy Vault
  • Enerpoly
  • Enervenue
  • Ensol
  • ESS Tech
  • e-Zinc
  • Factorial
  • Fourth Power
  • Flow Aluminum
  • Gelion
  • GKN Hydrogen
  • Gotion High Tech
  • Graphene Manufacturing Group
  • H2MOF
  • High Performace Battery Holding
  • Inobat
  • Jolt Electrodes
  • Kraftblock
  • LIND
  • Lyten
  • MFA Thermal
  • Northvolt
  • Our Next Energy
  • Oxford Photovoltaics
  • Rondo Energy
  • Salient Energy
  • SaltX
  • Sicona Battery Technologies
  • Sila
  • Skeleton Technologies
  • Soleolico
  • Solid Power
  • Stabl Energy
  • TasmanIon
  • Tiamat
  • Verkor
  • VFlowTech

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