BairesDev's Giveback Program Empowers 9,000+ Students and Tech Professionals Across 6 Countries

Through the award-winning program, BairesDev supports five organizations democratizing access to technology and education in the US, Mexico, St. Lucia, Ghana, and Liberia

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BairesDev®, a nearshore software solutions company, is proud to announce the far-reaching impacts of the eighth edition of its Giveback Program, which has impacted more than 9,000 students and professionals across six countries.

The Giveback Program, BairesDev's annual corporate responsibility initiative, supports organizations passionate about promoting tech skills and education. This year, the company selected Urban Arts, Women Who Code, Diaspora Global Foundation, and the Committee for Children to be part of this edition. Through the program, the software solutions firm has reached out to diverse communities and underrepresented groups, emphasizing the importance of technology in shaping students' futures.

"Our Giveback Program merges technology with social responsibility, shaping the future of the tech industry. We're not just about software development; we're crafting the tech landscape of tomorrow," said Nacho De Marco, BairesDev's CEO and co-founder. "Since the first edition of the Giveback Program, we have provided access to educational and development opportunities to 19,000+ people through 1,115 donations to 119 NGOs."

The impact of the 8th edition of the Giveback Program includes:

  • Urban Arts: Expanding game design education to 3,000 additional students, blending arts with technology to unlock new opportunities. This partnership reflects BairesDev's goal to provide underrepresented students with the skills to succeed in a tech-focused future.
  • Women Who Code: Energizing the WWCode Career Navigation Track, benefiting over 5,700 members. This initiative resonates with BairesDev's mission to elevate women in tech, illustrated by the inspiring journeys of members.
  • Diaspora Global Foundation: Supporting the "LEAN into STEM" initiative to reach 200-240 children across diverse regions, reinforcing BairesDev's commitment to global tech education access.
  • Committee for Children: Partnering in the Second Step® social-emotional learning (SEL) programs, impacting more than 26 million children. This collaboration underscores BairesDev's belief in holistic education for academic and life success.

As a part of this initiative, BairesDev invites its clients to choose one of the preselected causes for the company to distribute the program's funds. This approach fosters a collaborative effort to equip communities and individuals with crucial tech skills and education.

The Giveback Program reflects BairesDev's dedication to fostering diversity and education in technology. By uniting with these NGOs, the company stays true to its role as a forward-thinking organization in the tech industry, committed to making a tangible difference in communities worldwide.

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