Le Vian Launches Deliciously Luxurious Dolce D'Oro Collection

Where the allure of ‘sweet gold’ meets the indulgent charm of chocolate gelato

New York, NY, Jan. 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- World-renowned jewelry brand Le Vian, known for its original designs using high-quality, genuine gemstones, is excited to reveal the Dolce D'Oro™ Collection, created to celebrate 25 spectacular years of their partnership with Jared.

Please find the image selection for the Dolce D'Oro collection here.

Challenged by Jared to create an exclusive collection to commemorate this anniversary, Le Vian decided to draw inspiration from its rich archives. Capturing the essence of a 16th Century gem and a piece from the 20th Century, both incorporating intricate gold beadwork, luxury jewelry house Le Vian has created the Dolce D’Oro bangle in a fresh, modern reimagining as the centerpiece of the collection. The Dolce D’Oro bangle has stormed the scene, captivating hearts and becoming an instant sellout within its maiden month, while perfectly realizing Le Vian’s forecasted 2024 Bangle Party trend which foresaw a predilection for iconic bangles, designed for ubiquitous glamour every time of the day.

‘Behold the unveiling of the complete opulent Dolce D'Oro collection—an ode to the intoxicating allure of sweet scoops of yellow gold. Picture it: delicate lines of Honey Gold beads, echoing a centuries-old concept dating back to my family’s ancestors, the Le Vian's inaugural masterpiece in the early 1500s,’ says Eddie LeVian, Le Vian CEO. ‘This lineage resurfaces in the chic echoes of the 1950s and the eternal glamour of the 1990s, merging past grandeur with modern panache. Dolce D'Oro is a symphony of dramatic elegance, where the heart-throbbing Chocolate Diamonds and mouthwatering Blueberry Sapphires dance along a center line, capturing the essence of timeless beauty. In the Italian tradition of Dolce D'Oro, meaning scoops of sweet gold, Le Vian reimagines its oldest concepts with a daring flourish.’

For the first time in five years, Le Vian has gone back to television advertising for this collection, collaborating with Jared, and filming in a sidewalk café in the glamorous Cassis in the South of France.  

‘A story woven from the oldest gem in the Le Vian family's vault—a 16th-century jade jewel embraced by meticulously crafted gold beadings—a tale of sweet nostalgia and timeless elegance, inviting you to savor a journey through centuries in a single glance. The Dolce D'Oro Collection is not merely jewelry; it's an epic narrative of history, innovation, and the irresistible sweetness of bygone eras,’ adds Eddie LeVian. 

About Le Vian
Once a guardian of royal jewels in 18th century Persia, Le Vian has transformed itself into a contemporary celebrity jewelry powerhouse catering to the who’s who of music and film. Le Vian has a mission to make the world’s most beautiful and desirable jewelry accessible to every household and the current generation of the Le Vian dynasty is fully committed to realizing this goal. Le Vian is at the forefront of creating the most exquisite natural fancy color diamond jewels in a kaleidoscope of colors including pink, yellow - and the exclusive Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds®, which have in the last 20 years attracted over 5 million collectors. Le Vian regularly submits its entire manufacturing process to independent audit and verification as a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. Visit levian.com for more information.


Le Vian Dolce D'Oro Jewelry Collection Le Vian Dolce D'Oro Jewelry Collection

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