Qlik Launches AI Council to Responsibly Accelerate Enterprise Adoption of AI

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Qlik®, a global leader in data analytics and integration, today announces the establishment of its inaugural AI Council – an initiative that further embeds leading edge, ethical AI development at the heart of the company’s mission and industry proposition. By convening a distinguished set of advisors, Qlik will accelerate the responsible development of its AI-driven product portfolio, benefitting from the expertise of some of the world’s most prominent AI experts, to help customers use their data to achieve more significant business outcomes.

Qlik’s Generative AI Benchmark Report found that 31% of senior executives plan to spend over $10 million on generative AI initiatives in the coming year and 79% have already invested in generative AI tools or projects. Despite this enthusiasm, it also found that they understand the need to surround them with the right data strategies to realize their potential. If the data building blocks of AI are not governed properly as it is democratized across the entire workforce, it could present a serious threat to the efficiency and integrity of business operations. The AI Council has been established to help Qlik’s customers navigate these challenges and advise on best practices.

Members of the Council will work within Qlik to guide the company’s R&D direction, inform its product roadmap and ensure its customers’ use of Qlik’s AI is built with responsibility and ethics front of mind. The Council will also educate Qlik leaders and employees on how to harness the full potential of AI, while providing insights into the priorities of business leaders tasked with demonstrating value from AI investment.

The AI Council features some of the most renowned subject matter experts from around the world. More information on these members can be found on our Qlik Staige™ website:

  • Nina Schick – Author, Advisor and Founder of an advisory firm focused on GenAI
    A world-leading authority on generative AI, Nina has long been analyzing emerging technology trends for society. With over two decades of geopolitical experience, she has advised global leaders, including Joe Biden, President of the United States, and was articulating her vision of the ‘AI inflexion point’ years before ChatGPT made AI a global phenomenon.
  • Dr. Rumman Chowdhury – Responsible AI leader, engineer, auditor and investor
    Rumman is a pioneer in the field of applied algorithmic ethics, creating cutting-edge socio-technical solutions for ethical, explainable and transparent AI. She is currently the CEO and founder of Humane Intelligence, a tech nonprofit that builds a community of practice around algorithmic evaluations. She has also served on multiple boards, including the UK Center for Data Ethics and Innovation, and on UN’s Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, Oxford University’s Commission on AI and Governance, and Patterns data science journal. Previously, Rumman was the Director of META (ML Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability) team at Twitter, leading a team of applied researchers and engineers to identify and mitigate algorithmic harms on the platform.
  • Kelly Forbes – Co-Founder and Executive Director, AI Asia Pacific Institute
    Kelly sits at the intersection of policy, research and industry, working with leading organizations and governments to address the risks associated with AI through international cooperation. With extensive experience in the Asia-Pacific region, Kelly has conducted research on AI governance, public-private dialogue and government policy issues.
  • Dr. Michael Bronstein – DeepMind Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of Oxford
    An award-winning academic, Michael was previously Head of Graph Learning Research at Twitter, a professor at Imperial College London and has held visiting appointments at Stanford, MIT, and Harvard. Michael is also a serial entrepreneur, having founded startups such as Novafora, Invision (acquired by Intel in 2012), Videocites and Fabula AI (acquired by Twitter in 2019).

"The formation of Qlik's AI Council is a strategic leap, reflecting our deep-seated commitment to not just advancing AI, but doing so with ethical integrity and practical applicability," said Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik. "Our goal is crystal clear: to enable our customers to harness AI in a way that's not only transformative, but also responsible. By uniting a cadre of AI luminaries, we are sharpening our focus on delivering AI solutions that are not just cutting-edge, but also seamlessly integrated and governed. This initiative is a pivotal chapter in our journey, marking a bold move towards democratizing AI in a manner that is both accessible and aligned with our core mission of driving substantial, data-driven business outcomes."

Data and analytics leaders from around the world can hear from the AI Council at Qlik Connect, which takes place on June 3-5 in Orlando, Florida. At the pre-eminent event for data analytics, integration, and AI, Council members will share their take on the opportunities and challenges for businesses exploring the value of automation in their data strategy. Additional details and event registration is at www.qlikconnect.com

“I am excited to join Qlik’s AI Council and work with some of the greatest minds in AI to optimize how businesses around the world use data,” said Rumman Chowdhury, member of Qlik’s AI Council. “We’ve reached an inflection point where innovations like generative AI are impacting the world as the internet did. This is not the time for complacency. ‘Adopting AI’ is not as simple as some suggest, but getting left behind is a risky game. By taking responsible steps, organizations can enter an era of unprecedented innovation – I look forward to being able to contribute to this evolution.”

“In working at JBS USA, I recognize the significance of Qlik's advancements in AI, embodying a responsible and pragmatic approach to enterprise AI development,” said Stephanie Robinson, IT Business Intelligence Manager at JBS. “Qlik's dedication to enhancing AI applications aligns with our focus on employing technology to drive substantial business outcomes. We value Qlik's commitment to ethical AI practices and are optimistic about the beneficial impact this will have on the industry.”

You can find out more about Qlik’s innovation in the AI space: https://staige.qlik.com

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