Hydro Mobile Unveils New M2 Motorized Access System at World of Concrete

Unique Access Solution Helps Masons Solve Access Challenges While Prioritizing Safety

L'ASSOMPTION, Quebec, Jan. 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hydro Mobile, a leading designer and manufacturer of mast climbing work platforms and transport platforms in North America, has launched the new M2 Motorized Access System, a cost-effective, time-saving alternative to existing access systems. Hydro Mobile’s M2 Motorized Access System allows workers to ride safely to and from the platform at jobsites where access from the structure is challenging. This greatly reduces the time required to access the work area and eliminates the need for costly alternative solutions while prioritizing safety. The system will be demonstrated for the first time at the 50th Annual World of Concrete tradeshow in Las Vegas this week.

Masonry projects can take place hundreds of feet from ground level. If there is no way to access the work platform through the structure itself (e.g., an interior staircase and window), the current industry solution often involves using the mast as a ladder. This requires setting up an independent fall-arrest system to support workers climbing vertically. Accessing even higher platforms would mean implementing a separate access solution independent from the work platform, which would be time consuming and costly.

Alternatively, the M2 Motorized Access System travels at a maximum speed of 35 feet per minute and can accommodate up to three passengers, providing significant time savings compared to workers climbing up or down a mast one at a time. The M2 Motorized Access System also reduces dependence on scaffolding and stair towers and allows workers to travel independently to the work zone. The system is powered by a 208-volt electric hoist, allowing it to easily run off building power or a generator. The system is designed with worker wellbeing in mind, with built-in safety devices ensuring secure travel up and down the mast as well as a dual rope system, eliminating the need for a lifeline for each worker.  The M2 Motorized Access system is available on new M2 platforms or can be retrofitted to existing M2 platforms.

“Masons and contractors are often confronted with situations where there is no convenient or safe way to access a platform from the building or a structure,” said Conor O'Neill, Head of Hydro Mobile. “The M2 Motorized Access System saves time, labor, and money, while placing safety first.”

The Hydro Mobile team invites World of Concrete attendees to visit our outside booth in the Spec Mix Bricklayer 500 arena in the Bronze lot and ask for a demonstration. A demonstration can also be scheduled by contacting your local Hydro Mobile dealer. With locations across North America, the Hydro Mobile team is on hand to show you how the M2 Motorized Access System can help increase employee safety and efficiency.

About Hydro Mobile
Hydro Mobile, part of the BrandSafway family of companies, is the leading designer and manufacturer of mast climbing work and transport platforms in North America. Every Hydro Mobile platform is designed to help create a hazard-free work environment that increases worker safety, productivity, and longevity. From our large capacity M2 series and versatile P Series hydraulic ratchet-drive platforms to our speedy and powerful F and electric-powered S Series rack-and-pinion platforms, we have a highly configurable access platform for almost any structure and any need.  For more information, please visit Hydro-Mobile.com.

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