New to The Street Leadership Series Announces Its Interviews of Three Business Leaders, David J. Friedman and War Hippies' Musical Duo Scooter Brown and Donnie Reis; Show Airs on Bloomberg TV as Sponsored Programming on Saturday, January 27, 2024, at 6:30 PM ET

NEW YORK, Jan. 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FMW Media Works Corp's "New to The Street Leadership" show, powered by Sector SPDR ETFs, airs on Bloomberg TV as sponsored programming on Saturday, January 27, 2024, at 6:30 PM ET.

Executive Coach, Media Personality, and Author Matt Doherty and business TV Host Jane King, who co-hosts the show, welcome three (3) business guests who share their extraordinary leadership experiences:

1). David J. Friedman, CEO/Founder of High Performing Culture, LLC, CultureWise®, and Author: "Fundamentally Different" and "Culture by Design."
2). Scooter Brown and Donnie Reis of War Hippies, a country music duo.

David J. Friedman is the CEO/Founder of High Performing Culture, LLC. (HPC), CultureWise®, and Author: "Fundamentally Different" and "Culture by Design," is with New to The Street Leadership's TV Host Matt Doherty in-studio at the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio. As a former CEO of a company that received seven "Best Places to Work" awards, an author, keynote speaker, consultant, and CEO/Founder of High Performing Culture, LLC., David talks about organizational culture, making it simple, practical, and actionable. Many years ago, David and his family started a very successful employee benefits company, and he realized earlier on that his family had the same business values and goals. When the Company grew, he quickly discovered that his newly hired employees needed to understand the established business goals, values, and culture. People think differently, but teaching employees how you want your business to run is vital to success. David realized he established a business culture environment, teaching practical business standards. His cultural input fostered a fantastic business reputation for excellent and effective customer service. He decided one day to take his employees on an off-site retreat event at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. A hotel executive spoke at the event, describing Ritz-Carlton's successes. Each day, Ritz-Carlton's employees, managers, and executives work together from a list of twenty business behaviors. They talk and teach one another about a listed topic. The daily routine built a thriving business culture. David took inspiration from the event and developed his unique fundamentals for success, a weekly routine, like a ritual, where behavioral practices become installed in each employee. David believes that values and behaviors have different meanings. Values like loyalty, quality, and integrity are abstract. However, behaviors like honor, respect, commitment, blameless problem-solving, and rational expectations can garner employee positivity through actions and practices. Like a successful sports coach, practice brings perfection, and a business leader must do the same with their employees and practice good behavior. A business needs to operationalize its core values into positive behaviors. David believes any organization can achieve a positive culture through leadership that installs effective daily and weekly routines, bringing everyone together. David and his team at High Performing Culture created CultureWise®. This turnkey culture operation system institutes a cultural platform that many organizations and businesses in North America use successfully to develop productive and positive work culture environments. David has two books he wrote, "Fundamentally Different" and "Culture by Design." Matt Doherty informs viewers that "Culture by Design" is a must-read book for building a thriving and protective business culture. David Friedman's leadership abilities enabled him to develop successful business cultures, sharing those award-winning leadership experiences, skills, and successes. Viewers and others interested in learning more about David J. Friedman can visit CultureWise™ - or scan the QR code during the show.

From the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, Scooter Brown and Donnie Reis, the country music duo of War Hippies talk with New to The Street Leadership's Co-hosts Matt Doherty and Jane King. Fans know them for authentic song lyrics, fantastic live shows, and a clothing lifestyle brand. Since the duo's self-titled debut album during their 2022 "The Can't Miss Tour," War Hippies appears as #8 iTunes - Country Music, #30 iTunes - Chart All Genres, and has millions of views on streaming platforms. War Hippies' fan base continues to grow. Scooter Brown and Donnie Reis are former U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army combat veterans. The band's name came after Scooter had a 'People" magazine interview with a published headline "Self-Proclaimed War Hippie…." In 2020, Scooter met Donnie, both of whom had musical experiences, and decided to start the band. Military service and training gave them leadership skills to bring into their music careers and lives. Military disciplines help them prepare and handle events as a musical duo, successfully growing War Hippies. Each is a 50/50 partner in all business decisions, and they manage operations through effective communications. Scooter and Donnie are proud of creating a musical culture and atmosphere in which everyone is a part of the business. The band hires family members, managers, booking agents, cinematographers, and a drummer, all contributing to War Hippies' ongoing successes. Donnie says that the music industry is nothing like his military experience, which has regiments and chain of command. Relationships and performance outcomes are usually the driving business forces within the music industry. During military combat missions, the goal is to bring back everyone alive after a mission. Courage and training are a must for successful outcomes. In 2023, War Hippies performed at over 100 venues, played at rallies and received an endorsement from Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The duo looks to assist military families and fellow veterans and help children acquire musical instruments. War Hippies is a growing lifestyle brand with a clothing line, and they are looking into establishing coffee, beverages, and other product brands. Past military leadership experiences have helped Scooter and Donnie create a vibrant musical business culture in their songs and business operations. The duo will perform at many great venues throughout 2024; viewers can find concert dates and learn more about the band at, or scan the QR code during the show.

About High Performing Culture, LLC and CultureWise®:

Founded in 2015, David Friedman founded High Performing Culture, LLC. (HPC). The Company developed a host of resources and a simple, turnkey culture operation system called CultureWise® to help companies of all types create and practice fundamentals. These resources include professional trainers, custom software, mobile apps, coaching guides, eLearning courses, and more. CultureWise® is the turnkey operating system for culture. David J. Friedman created the platform based on the leadership lessons learned and taught in his decades as an award-winning CEO, speaker, author, and consultant. The CultureWise® system has been implemented in more than 500 organizations across North America, helping organizations leverage their culture as a strategic competitive advantage. CultureWise® clients regularly win the war for talent, improve accountability and productivity, keep remote and hybrid teams connected, and maintain strong, healthy cultures through times of rapid growth, acquisitions, and leadership transitions -

About War Hippies:

War Hippies burst onto the music scene in 2022 by the country music duo and lifestyle brand that Scooter Brown and Donnie Reis co-founded. Their authentic songwriting and electrifying live performances quickly garnered widespread critical acclaim. War Hippies unleashed their self-titled debut album during" The Can't Miss Tour," where they supported Chris Janson and Travis Tritt. Immediately impacted, the album debuted at No.8 on the iTunes - Country Chart and reached No. 30 across all iTunes - All Genres in its first week. To date, it has amassed millions of streams. Their track "Make it Out Alive" from the album earned a coveted spot on the American Songwriter's prestigious Top 24 Songs of 2022 list. Scooter Brown and Donnie Reis are U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army combat veterans, respectively, and the duo remains committed to supporting fellow veterans and military families through advocacy work, fundraising, and helping children secure musical instruments. The due is currently in-studio, producing new music, creating new video content, and working on other projects. The duo aims to propagate peace, love, and safeguard people's freedoms worldwide. -

About Coach Matt Doherty and Doherty Coaching:

Matt Doherty is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, best-selling author, media personality, and executive coach. In 2022, he was named the Vistage Rookie of the Year and won the Chair Excellence Award. He guides corporations, C-suite managers, sales executives, and business and sports coaches to develop leadership skills and team dynamics. Since starting on the 1982 National Championship team with Michael Jordan at UNC, his journey has included being the Head Coach at Notre Dame and UNC. He was named the 2001 AP National Coach of the Year after leading the Tar Heels to the ACC Regular Season Championship and a #1 ranking. Matt was also the head coach at FAU and SMU and worked for ESPN, the Indiana Pacers, and the Atlantic 10 Conference. In 2003, he embarked on a mission to "Learn & Grow" by beginning a leadership journey at the UVA Darden School of Business and The Wharton School. Coach Doherty is committed to sharing universal teachings and actionable ideas that will work for anyone -

About Sector SPDR ETFs:

Sector SPDR ETFs are unique ETFs that divide the S&P 500 into eleven sector index funds. Investors can customize their investments by picking and weighing each sector to meet specific investment goals. Sector SPDR ETFs have the diversification of a mutual fund, the focus of a sector fund, and the tradability of a stock. Investors can buy or sell Sector SPDR ETF shares on the NYSE Arca during trading hours. The eleven Sector SPDR ETFs represent the S&P 500. However, each Sector SPDR ETF can be purchased individually, providing undiluted exposure to a particular sector or industry group -

About "New to The Street Leadership" with Matt Doherty and Jane King Powered by Sector SPDR ETFs:

New to The Street Leadership with Matt Doherty and Jane King Powered by Sector SPDR ETFs is a monthly television show featuring individuals who lead their organization to successful outcomes and future endeavors. Guests will share their success stories and motivations, allowing viewers to understand and learn leadership skills. The show is co-hosted with Coach Matt Doherty and recognized business TV host Jane King. The show airs monthly, on the last Saturday of each month, on Bloomberg TV as a sponsored program -

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