Syntec Optics (Nasdaq: OPTX) Delivers 50,000th Precision MicroLens Array for New End-Market

Acquires assets from customer to meet additional demand

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, Feb. 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Syntec Optics, a scientific and technical instruments and aerospace and defense optics provider, celebrated another production milestone by delivering its 50,000th previously announced and launched new microlens array within a very short process development period. Syntec's experienced team has now expanded its production capacity quickly by acquiring production and metrology equipment from the customer's facility to support more product lines and product deliveries planned in 2024.

Among many advanced optics techniques for production at its facility in Rochester, NY, Syntec utilized its high-volume replicative process for these microlens arrays.

“Using techniques pioneered at Syntec Optics over two decades and customer’s product knowledge, advanced manufacturing processes were developed within eight weeks,” said Beth Blood, Program Manager at Syntec Optics for nearly a decade.

"Syntec Optics team has been meeting demands at every new frontier in diverse end-markets like Defense, Biomedical, and Consumer, and now further adds Communications as an end-market for what we believe strengthens market acyclicality,” said Sara Hart, Sales Director at Syntec Optics.

“Production and metrology equipment have been moved from the customer’s facility and installed to validate advanced production processes for additional exclusive microlens array product lines. I am excited to see that the Syntec team can add-on or bolt-on assets that a large corporation wants to spin off and deliver results quickly,” said Joe Mohr, CEO of Syntec Optics.

"Blue chip customers come to Syntec Optics for high precision scalable mission-critical products where technical requirements can't be met elsewhere. Looking back, Syntec Optics seemed a good choice, given that such a production line could typically take more than six months to develop and an additional three months to advance metrology that proves ultra-precision requirements were met," said Casey Nelson, CFO.

SPIE provided the first in-depth assessment of the photonics-enabled marketplace globally at $2.1 trillion. Communications, one of the ten major end-markets, was valued alone at nearly $43B of the total global marketplace. Backhaul needs for 5G implementation and ubiquitous data drive developments in communications transmission, while in data centers, photonics increasingly solves the limitations of electronics, which is facing the immutable limits of fundamental physics.

With previously announced space optics for the communications end-market, microlens arrays increase Syntec’s penetration into other applications like telecom and biomedical datacom. Telecom fiber connector market growth is driven by continually increasing demand for high bandwidth services, while growth in biomedical datacom is driven by increasing automation.

About Syntec Optics

Syntec Optics Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: OPTX), a 20-year optics and photonics leader for scientific and technical instruments and aerospace and defense products, has the mission of keeping American soldiers out of harm's way, improving patient care and bringing more precision products to the consumer and communications. Syntec Optics, headquartered in Rochester, NY, is one of the largest custom optics and photonics manufacturers in the United States. Operating for over two decades, Syntec Optics runs a state-of-the-art facility with extensive core capabilities of various optics manufacturing processes, both horizontally and vertically integrated, to provide a competitive advantage for mission-critical OEMs. Syntec Optics recently launched new products, including Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite optics, lightweight night vision goggle optics, biomedical equipment optics, and precision microlens arrays. To learn more, visit

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