Kandji Announces Prism, Provides Clear Visibility into Entire Apple Device Fleet

New Reporting Capability Generates Data for Compliance Readiness, Incident Investigation, and Overall Device Management

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kandji, the Apple device management and security platform, today announced Prism, a new reporting tool that enables fleetwide visibility for compliance, company policy, incident investigation, and troubleshooting implementations.

Visibility is a common challenge for businesses and one that can directly impact the bottom line, as evidenced by organizations reporting 3.3 times more incidents caused by lack of visibility into IT assets. Further, nearly half of IT professionals are in agreement that having increased visibility across their entire Apple fleet would improve how they manage Apple devices.

Prism automatically and regularly collects a large array of data from all of the devices in an organization’s Apple fleet, employs a set of APIs to query all data in aggregate, and provides a centralized interface for clear and effortless viewing. Additionally, by leveraging data exports or the API, data can be delivered to external tools and services from a simple spreadsheet to a data warehouse.

“With Prism, Kandji is driving efficiency and bringing Apple device management to the next level by removing the need for IT administrators to inspect individual devices and instead enabling them to view that kind of granular data for the whole fleet,” said Weldon Dodd, SVP, Community at Kandji. “Prism’s streamlined reporting puts critical information at the fingertips of IT administrators with only a few clicks, allowing them to keep their fleet–and their workforce–operating securely and productively.”

Prism provides IT administrators with a rich set of data to help them better understand their fleet—the apps that are installed on each device, the current status of FileVault, security settings, launch agents and system extensions, and much more. Additional key features include saved views, a top-requested feature by Kandji customers, which allows IT administrators to save report preferences so they can be repeated in the future, and the Prism API, which enables users to programmatically request data about the state of their Apple fleets.

“Kandji has always made it easy to manage your Apple fleet. With Prism, we’re making it easy to see into it, too,” added Dodd.

Kandji Prism will be available in February 2024. To learn more, visit https://www.kandji.io/features/prism/

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