Announces its Breakthrough AI Increases 3D Model Production For Ecommerce Enterprise Customers Productivity by 100% 

TORONTO, Feb. 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via IBN -- (the "Company") (CSE:TGGL) (OTC:TGGLF) (FSE:Q0C), a revolutionary AI solution harnessing the power of generative AI to convert CAD files, apply stunning 4K texturing, and seamlessly publish superior 4K 3D models is set to redefine the 3D texturing landscape with its unparalleled speed and user-friendly interface. The Company is using Toggle3D to texture 3D models for Amazon as well as other customers, and is increasing artists' productivity speed by 100%, providing tangible benefits by reducing the time and cost of 3D model production. The company sees a big economic benefit for the rapidly growing 3D modeling industry for ecommerce which is massive. By using Toggle 3D artists are able to increase profit margins by as much as 50%. Toggle's speed is attributed to Toggle3D's web-based platform and its intuitive user interface, coupled with an ever-expanding library of textures and materials. The application boasts a pre-built material library featuring over 1000 4K PBR materials, including metals, woods, plastics, marble, and more. The extensive collection allows users to create rich, photorealistic 3D product experiences quickly and effortlessly.

Watch a demo video of AI-powered 3D model texturing in the Toggle3D platform: click here or view below

Toggle3D's internal artists, who have been testing on both Toggle3D and comparable 3D painting applications like Adobe Substance, attest to the remarkable efficiency of Toggle3D. What would typically take 30-45 minutes to texture in other applications is completed in just 15 minutes with Toggle3D, showcasing an astonishing 100% increase in speed and productivity.

What sets Toggle3D apart is its user-friendly approach. With a 'point & click' interface, users can seamlessly apply high-fidelity PBR materials, customize colors and properties with intuitive editing knobs, and add stickers to enhance the product vision. The online texture creator provides additional flexibility for users to modify and tailor materials to their specific needs.

If a designer cannot find the material or texture they are looking for, Toggle3D also has an AI Texture Generator to address the need for diverse textures. If a desired material is not available in the library, users can generate PBR materials using the AI texture generator. Transforming images into PBR materials or generating new textures from a text prompt is made easy, ensuring a seamless texturing process that elevates 3D models to new heights.

Upon completing the texturing process, Toggle3D enables users to preview their designs in augmented reality (AR). With webAR functionality, users can experience real-time previews of 3D model designs, allowing them to assess texture, color, and finish in a dynamic and immersive manner. This feature ensures that designers and artists can showcase their creations anywhere, anytime. is set to be a game-changer in the world of 3D texturing, providing a faster, more intuitive, and immersive experience for digital artists and designers. As the demand for high-quality 3D models continues to grow, emerges as the go-to solution for efficient and stunning 3D texturing.

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About (OTC:TGGLF (FSE:Q0C) is a groundbreaking SaaS solution that utilizes generative AI to convert CAD files, apply stunning 4K texturing, and enable seamless publishing of superior 4K 3D models, serving various industries within the $160 billion CGI market. With its Augmented Reality-based rapid prototyping web app, Toggle3D empowers designers, artists, marketers, and ecommerce owners to effortlessly convert, texture, customize, and publish high-quality 3D models and experiences, regardless of technical or 3D design expertise. Investor Relations
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