Co-Parent, Corey Gulley, Shares His Story with TalkingParents

Fort Walton Beach, Feb. 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Corey Gulley is a father of one who co-parents with his ex-wife. In an exclusive interview with TalkingParents, Gulley opens up about the challenges he’s faced while raising his daughter post-divorce and how TalkingParents has benefited his mental state throughout the process.  

“The app has helped me control my attitude and improve my patience,” he says. “It’s really helped change my thoughts from negative to positive, even through my child’s struggles and when adversity is going on.” 

Gulley initially requested that TalkingParents be court-ordered for all co-parenting interactions during a child support enforcement hearing. The judge granted his wish, so Gulley’s been using the app ever since, even though he says his co-parent is not cooperative. 

“Even though the other parent is not cooperating with me, I maintain my professionalism and I still utilize the app. I do not back down from the app because accountability is key, and it lets the judge know that I’m still involved and I’m trying.” 

Gulley says he utilizes the TalkingParents Personal Journal feature the most because it helps him with organization and self-regulation.  

“My favorite feature is the Journal because it keeps me in check. It helps me control my emotions and prevents me from saying something that I’m not supposed to be saying. You’re always supposed to think before you speak and think before you act. So, if I’m mad or irritated by the other parent, instead of sending the message to the parent, I put it in the Journal and then I recollect my thoughts and I modify that message. Then I send it later when the window opens.” 

You can watch Gulley’s full testimonial video here. His interview is one of many to be released by TalkingParents in their ongoing “Real Co-Parents” campaign. The initiative seeks to tell the stories of real co-parents who use the TalkingParents app in their everyday lives. Real Co-Parents is one of several ways that TalkingParents continues to provide resources to parents in the hopes of making a positive impact on families. 

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