Kernel Group Holdings, Inc. Announces Charter and Trust Agreement Amendments and Intention to Extend the Deadline to Complete a Business Combination to August 5, 2024

New York, Feb. 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kernel Group Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: KRNLU, KRNL, KRNLW) (“KRNL” or the “Company”), a special purpose acquisition company, announced today that its shareholders approved amendments to its charter and trust agreement to change the structure and cost of how KRNL can obtain extensions to the deadline to complete its initial business combination and that KRNL obtained the first of up to six 1-month extensions of the deadline - from February 5, 2024 to March 5, 2024.

KRNL’s shareholders, at an extraordinary general meeting of its shareholders held on February 1, 2024, approved amendments to KRNL’s Amended and Restated Articles of Association (the “Charter Amendment”) and KRNL’s Investment Management Trust Agreement dated February 5, 2021 with Continental (the “Trust Agreement Amendment”) to change how KRNL can obtain extensions to the previously applicable February 5, 2024 (the “Termination Date”) deadline to complete its initial business combination. The amendments allow KRNL to extend the date to consummate a business combination on a monthly basis for up to six times by an additional one month each time after the Termination Date, until August 5, 2024.

The Charter Amendment triggered a right of KRNL’s public shareholders to demand the redemption of their public shares out of funds held in the Trust Account. Holders of 5,806,608 public shares properly requested redemption leaving 509,341 public shares outstanding. After payment of the redemption price to the redeeming public shareholders of approximately $10.80 per share for an aggregate of $62.7 million, KRNL will have approximately $5.5 million left in its trust account.

In connection with the amendments, KRNL notified Continental Stock Transfer and Trust Company that it intends to obtain the first extension.

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