Signing Day Sports Launches Dietary Supplements Line for Student-Athletes

Lineup of dietary supplements includes ‘Create,’ a performance-boosting creatine; ‘Build,’ a whey protein powder; and ‘Stingrs,’ energy chews

Signing Day Sports' new line of supplements

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz, Feb. 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Signing Day Sports, Inc. (“Signing Day Sports” or the “Company”) (NYSE American: SGN), the developer of the Signing Day Sports app and platform to aid high school athletes in the recruitment process, today announced the launch of a supplements line designed specifically to support the recruitment of student-athletes.

The new lineup of dietary products includes ”Create,” a creatine powder; ”Build,” a whey protein powder; and ”Stingrs,” fruit-flavored energy chews. These products are designed to boost a student-athlete's performance by delivering increased energy levels, promoting muscle growth, or delaying the onset of fatigue.

Richard Symington, President and Chief Technology Officer of Signing Day Sports, stated, “We are excited to introduce our line of dietary supplements designed for student-athletes. The introduction of this product line further emphasizes the Company’s commitment to enhancing student-athlete performance and opportunity by unveiling a new line of supplements designed for optimal energy, muscle growth, and overall dietary support. In addition, it demonstrates the Company’s holistic approach to extending support to its student-athletes beyond just athletic recruitment. We believe our approach sets us apart from others in the industry and look forward to welcoming more student-athletes to our platform and user community.”

“Our commitment to providing comprehensive resources for student-athlete success is unwavering. As we unveil our lineup of dietary supplements for student-athletes, we are already looking to the future as we plan additional products aimed at supporting student-athlete diet and nutrition. We are dedicated to supporting every aspect of a student-athlete's recruiting journey, empowering them to achieve excellence both on and off the field,” concluded Mr. Symington.

About Signing Day Sports

Signing Day Sports' mission is to help student-athletes achieve their goal of playing college sports. Signing Day Sports' app allows student-athletes to build their Signing Day Sports' recruitment profile, which includes information college coaches need to evaluate and verify them through video technology. The Signing Day Sports app includes a platform to upload a comprehensive data set including video-verified measurables (such as height, weight, 40-yard dash, wingspan, and hand size), academic information (such as official transcripts and SAT/ACT scores), and technical skill videos (such as drills and mechanics that exemplify player mechanics, coordination, and development).  For more information on Signing Day Sports, go to

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