Virtus Diversified REIT Celebrates Significant Increase in Net Asset Value

TORONTO, Feb. 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Virtus Diversified Real Estate Investment Trust (VREIT) proudly announces a remarkable achievement in its financial performance: “Since inception, we have delivered consistent distributions of $0.75 per unit for our clients. Further to this milestone, we are happy to report a substantial increase in Net Asset Value Per Unit (NAVPU),” says Josh Will, EVP of VREIT. “Following a successful 2023 marked by strategic acquisitions and strong capital raises, Virtus Diversified REIT's NAVPU has increased to $10.53 per share, up from the previous NAVPU of $9.98 per share.”

This noteworthy increase underscores the success of Virtus Diversified REIT's commitment to delivering value to its investors. The company's strategic purchases and prudent investment decisions have not only fortified its market position but have also resulted in a significant enhancement of the fund's overall strength and value.

“The REIT’s performance is a testament to our investing principles and strategic decision-making,” said Aurelio Baglione, Trustee at Virtus Diversified REIT. “We are thrilled to share this achievement with our investors, and it serves as proof that acquisitions based on opportunity and yield will continue to perform even in an otherwise challenging environment. Virtus remains focused on continuing to grow value through disciplined management and a commitment to excellence.”

Virtus Diversified REIT continues its trajectory towards becoming a key player in the private real estate investment sector, known for its ability to generate value through astute financial management and strategic growth. Please speak with your financial advisor to learn more about participating in the REIT.

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About Virtus Diversified REIT

Virtus Diversified REIT is focused on acquiring quality properties in strong secondary and tertiary markets across Canada and the United States. The company’s goal is to build a strong and stable commercial, industrial, retail, and multi-unit residential portfolio, enhancing overall portfolio incomes by diversifying the tenant base and geographic diversity. The long-term goal is to maximize the unit value with ongoing management through future acquisitions, repositioning, and competitive financing.

Some of Virtus Diversified REIT’s anchor tenants include companies such as TD Bank, Crown Corporation, BJ’s Wholesale Club, The Brick, No Frills, and Dollarama.

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