TalkingParents Provides Cutting-Edge Co-Parenting Tools to European Families

Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Feb. 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading co-parenting communication service, TalkingParents, has been helping families interact in an organized, documented fashion for nearly 15 years. With the primary goal of making co-parenting easier through better communication, parents in all sorts of situations utilize the software to navigate joint custody, sole custody with visitation, high conflict circumstances, amicable relationships, parallel parenting, long-distance co-parenting, and more. 

TalkingParents offers cutting-edge co-parenting tools to families all over the world, including the United Kingdom and Ireland. Users in those countries have access to the following features:  

  • Secure Messaging: Communicate about day-to-day co-parenting responsibilities with timestamped messages that cannot be edited or deleted under any circumstances and include read receipts.  
  • Video Calling: Talk to your co-parent or child through face-to-face communication, and rest assured that all calls are documented through recordings and transcripts.  
  • Shared Calendar: Organize and coordinate your child’s schedule, including activities, events, doctor’s appointments, custody exchanges, and more through the Shared Calendar. 
  • Info Library: Keep important details such as your child’s medical information, emergency contacts, clothing sizes, etc. in a shared space that either parent can access at any time.  
  • Personal Journal: Draft messages to your co-parent, keep track of interactions that take place outside of TalkingParents, and document anything else you’d like in this private notetaking space.  
  • Unalterable Records: Keep every action taken within TalkingParents documented to an Unalterable Record that can be used as evidence with legal professionals and in court.  
  • And more!  

Co-parents can utilize all features within TalkingParents without sharing any personal information with each other, including phone numbers and email addresses. This allows co-parents to silo all communication and coordination to the app if they wish, putting privacy and safety at the forefront of every interaction.   

Unlike other co-parenting communication platforms, TalkingParents offers affordable subscriptions that are billed monthly, providing families with the flexibility to change their plan at any time. Parents can also try the Free Plan (website access only) or partake in a 30-day free trial of either paid subscription, Standard or Premium, giving them the opportunity to try the app at no cost. Get started now

About TalkingParents

TalkingParents is a communications and coordination platform that offers co-parents secure and accountable tools for the responsibility that matters most—raising children. Founded in 2012 on the idea of mutual accountability with an unalterable record of all communications and activities, TalkingParents has helped over half a million families find support and peace of mind with tools like Accountable Calling, Accountable Payments, Secure Messaging, and Shared Calendar. With the ability to request unalterable, court-certified records, TalkingParents is trusted by parents and legal professionals nationwide. TalkingParents strives to increase family harmony through better communications and transparency. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. 


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