iKW Solutions seeks partnerships and investors to embed AI functionality and scale Constantly Current technology

iKW Solutions is looking for partnerships and investors to further develop its innovative prototype Constantly Current, which will enable ERP systems to have quick, seamless updates.

Laguna Beach, California, Feb. 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iKW Solutions is looking for partners and investors to support the development of its innovative program, Constantly Current, which enables enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to update without hampering business operations. iKW Solutions has become a respected consulting company providing technical and application advisory services for ERP systems in the US and abroad. The business has leveraged its team's 30+ years of experience to complete over 300 ERP implementations in 70 countries. iKW Solutions has worked with public and private sectors, from Fortune 500 companies to SMBs, across a wide variety of industries. The company is currently focused on resolving the biggest ERP challenges by launching Constantly Current as an internal product iKW Solutions offers.

ERP software has become the ‘central nervous system’ of an organization due to its variety of applications in finance, human resources, manufacturing, and more. When a suitable system is implemented company-wide, it can increase productivity, enhance data insights, and improve organizational agility. However, like any other technology, ERP systems require continuous updates after implementation. Unfortunately, doing so can cost a business millions of dollars in fees and lost productivity. Since updating an ERP system is almost as expensive as implementing one, organizations continue using outdated software instead of spending millions of dollars implementing the upgrades, until the software finally becomes sunsetted and forces their hand.

iKW Solutions is ending this dilemma with Constantly Current. The proprietary software will soon be available to ERP clients, and will forever change the way ERPs remain on the most current release. “With Constantly Current, companies will be able to implement an ERP system and stay updated forever without pausing usage or paying exorbitant fees,” Matthew supplies. “iKW Solutions will make this a reality by embedding AI functionality in Constantly Current so that it can improve over time and become an automated, scalable solution.”

iKW Solutions requires capital and partnerships to rapidly develop Constantly Current. For this reason, they are seeking an initial investment of $650,000 from investors or companies interested in using Constantly Current. When JD Edwards ERP software was being developed, several companies who wanted to use the product financed the project. The iKW Solutions team is hoping to receive similar support for Constantly Current because it will enable companies to never need to install a new ERP system or deal with system maintenance interruptions. These financial contributions will allow iKW Solutions to continue with the research and development of this program. Any partnerships that result from investors joining the project will also be a key way iKW Solutions can ensure that Constantly Current is suited for immediate use and will be accessible to clients globally.

Partners or investors that support this project may be provided with royalties or equity in the company. However, iKW Solutions is clear about its long-term goals with Constantly Current. “We plan to sell and deliver this program as a managed service, or SaaS, because it is essential for preventing some of the most effective ERP systems from being discontinued,” says Matthew.

As iKW Solutions receives investor and partnership support for developing Constantly Current, they will strive to create a robust system that can support a million clients.

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