THE NEWS FORUM building news and content coalitions across Canada

National news broadcaster establishes partnerships with indigenous news contributors, content producers and local news outlets nationwide

ST. CATHARINES, Ontario, Feb. 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a strategic move to enhance its commitment to delivering comprehensive and relevant news coverage to Canadians, The News Forum announces significant investments in new content partnerships across Canada.

FORUM DAILY WEST, is a daily news program focusing on Western Canada stories, launching February 26, 2024 (Monday to Friday 11PM ET).

BREAK THE NEEDLE - Canada’s addiction crisis is killing thousands of people every year and fuelling a national crime spike – so how do we fix this? The News Forum presents BREAK THE NEEDLE, a 44-minute weekly show hosted by Adam Zivo, to find answers.

"I’m eager to work with The News Forum on this show and look forward to introducing new audiences to the complex world of addiction and crime. This isn’t an easy subject to tackle, but with so many lives at stake it’s imperative that Canadians have access to judicious and accessible analysis of these issues. There is an obvious content gap that needs to be filled – so let’s fill it.” Said Adam Zevo, Journalist and host.

DOCUMENTARIES - The News Forum has also partnered with Serendipity Media Production, to broadcast a wide range of Canadian productions. Between series and feature documentaries, The News Forum will air over 400 individual episodes over the next 24 months.

Documentaries play a pivotal role in capturing and conveying the intricate tapestry of the human experience. These documentaries serve as powerful vehicles for storytelling. Through the lens of documentary filmmaking, viewers gain access to a rich spectrum of emotions, struggles, triumphs, and resilience that collectively shape the human story. Documentaries not only educate and inform but also foster empathy and understanding, offering profound insights into the multifaceted nature of our diverse life experience.

"I am thrilled and energized by the incredible synergy that our distribution partnerships with The News Forum bring to our content. The News Forum's commitment to journalistic excellence mirrors our dedication to compelling narratives, creating a dynamic union that propels our shared vision forward. This partnership is not just about distribution; it's about fostering a profound connection with viewers, sparking conversations, and making a lasting impact. Together, we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of media, driven by the serendipity that brings us together in this exciting venture.” Sarah Howell, CEO of Serendipity Media Ltd.

The News Forum is also featuring content from a short film and feature documentary academy - Art of Documentary (AOD).

“We are excited about the opportunity we are able to provide to independent filmmakers, in this broadcast agreement with The News Forum,” said Michael Del Monte and Mark Bone, the creators of the online academy Art of Documentary.

"We believe that a well-informed society is crucial for the progress and development of any country. By investing in new content and forging partnerships with local news outlets and journalists, we are not only expanding our reach but also deepening our understanding of the diverse issues that Canadians face from coast to coast," said Tore Stautland, CEO at The News Forum.

Recognizing the importance of regional perspectives and community-driven reporting, the organization is taking steps to strengthen its connection with local communities through collaborations with trusted news sources. Our partnerships with local news outlets and journalists are designed to foster collaboration and mutual support. By working closely with regional contributors, The News Forum seeks to bring attention to Canadian solutions, underreported stories and highlight local achievements - providing a platform for diverse voices within Canada's media landscape.

"This growing investment and collaboration effort align with our vision of creating a news ecosystem that not only informs but also engages and reflects the rich tapestry of Canada. We are excited to strengthen our ties with local communities, First Nations, and Indigenous contributors to contribute to a more robust and inclusive national discourse," added David Clement, News Director, The News Forum

The News Forum invites local news outlets, journalists, and communities across Canada to collaborate in this endeavor to provide Canadians with the information they need to make informed decisions and actively participate in the democratic process.

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