ICIC Launches "What’s Your Why?" Campaign to Celebrate 30 Years of Impactful Economic Empowerment in Under-Resourced Communities

Boston, MA, Feb. 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) is proud to announce the launch of its "What’s Your Why?" campaign, commemorating ICIC’s three decades of fostering economic growth and opportunity in underserved communities through groundbreaking research and programs. The campaign aims to showcase the varied and impactful stories from program participants, funders, nominators, and staff, underscoring the significant contributions to job creation, income, and wealth generation for local residents.

"As ICIC marks its 30th anniversary, it's crucial that we not only reflect on our journey but also listen intently to the voices of our alumni and partners. Understanding what drives their passion fuels our mission and shapes our future," stated Steve Grossman, CEO of ICIC. "Their stories and dedication remind us of the powerful network we've created together, a network that continues to champion economic empowerment and transformative opportunities. We recognize this milestone by recommitting to our shared vision and amplifying the impact of every individual who has joined us in this remarkable journey. The 'What’s Your Why?' campaign is an opportunity to celebrate the countless stories of individuals and organizations whose lives have been transformed through our relationships and our programs."

The campaign will share a number of compelling stories throughout the year, including:

  • Anita Davis, ICIC Atlanta Alumni Steering Committee Member, President of Praxis Strategic Solutions, and an experienced financial lender, wants to leave an impact by training women business owners for sustainable growth.
  • Diana Villegas, an alum of the ICCC Latinx cohort and CEO of Nova Driving School in Chicago, reflects on her journey of giving back to the community as an important foundational element and driver of her business.
  • Quentella Enty, Vice President of Bush Infotech Group in Chicago, a top nominator for ICIC’s ICCC program, focuses on fostering supplier diversity to empower our communities.
  • Dave Feldman, Houston-based Supply Chain Advisor – Supplier Diversity at Chevron, shares his commitment to economic development and inclusion, highlighting Chevron's support for ICIC's Inner City 100 Awards.
  • Sharon Maxwell, CEO of Bratton Construction in Portland, Oregon; Inner City 100 Award winner; and ICIC Building for Growth program alumni; is driven by a strong desire to uplift and support others, giving them access to resources that can help them grow their businesses.
  • Anita Graham, Baltimore-based Managing Director of Arctaris Impact Investors, and long-standing partner in independent evaluation of impact through ICIC’s Research Group, is focused on giving opportunities to under-resourced communities.

ICIC will release What’s Your Why stories throughout the year, highlighting many different aspects of the organization and its supporters. For more information on ICIC's "What’s Your Why?" campaign and to watch the featured videos, visit ICIC's website.

About ICIC
Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) is the widely-recognized authority on accelerating small business growth in under-resourced communities. Founded by renowned Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter 30 years ago as a research and strategy organization, today ICIC drives inclusive economic prosperity in underserved communities through innovative research and programs to create jobs, income, and wealth for local residents.


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