Making Access to Rehabilitation Care Easier for All Albertans

$2 million program to support Alberta Innovates’ partnership with the Glenrose Hospital Foundation

EDMONTON, Alberta, Feb. 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eight years ago, Marty Rehman sustained a severe spinal cord injury after a fall, which left him quadriplegic. After spending several months in the hospital, Marty returned home to find out that the outpatient physiotherapy treatments he requires are not available in his community. Traveling out of town for rehabilitation care is not unfamiliar to Marty, and many other patients like him living in rural or remote communities. That’s why Alberta Innovates, in collaboration with the Glenrose Hospital Foundation, is launching a new partnership to improve access for all Albertans living with physical and cognitive disabilities, using digital supports for rehabilitative care.

Nearly 20 per cent of Albertans live in rural and remote communities. About 10,000 Albertans are required to travel to major urban centres to receive specialized care. The partnership between Alberta Innovates’ Digital4Health program and the Glenrose Hospital Foundation aims to use digital solutions to make accessing rehabilitation medicine easier, more streamlined, and patient-centered. The collaboration will provide resources and infrastructure to connect patients and clinicians with innovative rehabilitation technologies for those living in remote communities.

Technology companies, who develop digital solutions to address Alberta’s health concerns, will have the opportunity to test and validate their novel technologies while addressing unmet rehabilitation-care needs for all Albertans.

The Glenrose Hospital Foundation is the ideal partner for this initiative. They are a recognized leader in healthcare technology and a hub for bringing innovative rehabilitation equipment, research, and technology to Alberta. Their involvement will help turn ideas into healthcare solutions, allowing local technology companies to bring them to patients not only at the Glenrose but in communities across the province.

To support the program, the Glenrose Hospital Foundation will pilot-test promising digital health solutions for up to 24 months. This will allow technology companies and clinicians the opportunity to test, spread and scale promising new rehabilitation care models.

The Digital4Health program aims to pilot, evaluate, and adopt technologies to deliver better health and wellness outcomes for Albertans. Through this challenge-driven approach, companies can directly address gaps and needs of system partners through real-world testing for lasting impact.

Health service delivery partners, interested in partnering with Alberta Innovates under the Digital4Health program, can find additional information on the D4H web page and can connect directly with our team by completing a Challenge Intake Form.

“Innovation from small and medium-sized technology companies impacts Albertans at all levels. Outside-the-box thinking, and innovative new models of care, will provide real solutions to Albertans living all throughout the province.”

Nate Glubish, Minister Technology and Innovation

“Alberta Innovates strives to improve and enrich the lives of Albertans through Innovation. By partnering with the Glenrose Hospital Foundation through our Digital4Health program, innovations will come from health technology companies to solve some of Alberta’s toughest health challenges. It’s not only good for patients but it also bolsters Alberta’s technology industry.”

Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates

“At the Glenrose Hospital Foundation, we are accelerating the development and adoption of innovative technologies that will push the boundaries of human ability and create new possibilities for Albertans. Through this partnership, we will leverage technology to improve the standard of care for patients here at the Glenrose, and for patients Alberta-wide. This will create a big impact in rural communities where patients will soon avoid travel for long-term, specialized care.”

Mark Korthuis, President and CEO, Glenrose Hospital Foundation

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Robyn Bell
Communications’ Lead
Glenrose Hospital Foundation
Dwayne Brunner, Senior Manager, Media and Strategic Community Relations
Alberta Innovates