Vega Cloud Launches Partner Program for FinOps-focused Channel Companies

The cloud cost optimization vendor is targeting resellers, systems integrators and MSPs with a platform that is saving customers an average of $3 million per year in cloud costs

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash., Feb. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vega Cloud announces the launch of its partner program for value-added resellers, systems integrators and managed service providers. The cloud cost optimization vendor, whose customers include large media and financial services companies, has already signed partners such as Clarify 360, ClearData and E78 Partners.

Vega Cloud is launching its program at a crucial time for cloud-dependent companies. Many large and midsize enterprises across industries are facing economic uncertainty due to rising cloud costs, yet they rely on the agility and innovation benefits that the cloud enables in order to scale, satisfy customers and maintain a competitive advantage. To successfully navigate this challenge, they must be incredibly thoughtful about how they’re spending their cloud dollars.

This is why channel companies have shown a large interest in cloud cost optimization experts such as Vega Cloud. Channel companies know that customers need to monitor their cloud spend more closely than ever and are relying on them for connections to providers who have the experience and solutions to truly optimize their cloud use.

Vega Cloud offers the industry’s most comprehensive cloud optimization platform. Vega Cloud’s platform allows technology leaders to connect, automate, manage and optimize new and existing networks, applications and other multi-cloud elements from a single point of access. The platform provides cost allocation and cost identification, and offers a curated dataset and daily recommendations for cost improvements, as well as deep automation to implement recommendations that save time and maximize savings. In a typical engagement, Vega Cloud customers are saving 15-25% on their cloud infrastructure costs.

Enhancing its attractiveness to channel companies, Vega Cloud offers a variety of services and incentives. As is typical in software provider - partner engagements, Vega Cloud will train partners on the use of its platform to help partners work with customers to accurately allocate costs to business units and project teams, and manage chargebacks. Vega Cloud will also work with an end customer’s internal FinOps practitioners and data analysts to simplify setup and account structures, so customers are set up the right way from the start.

“Our goal is to help partners build predictable and repeatable revenue streams around cloud cost optimization while enriching customer relationships,” said Vega Cloud’s EVP of Business Development, Brandon Tanner, who has worked in the IT channel for over 20 years. “Cloud buyers want to trim costs but simply chopping programs that rely on cloud services can cause significant setbacks. Our solutions automate, analyze, rightsize and govern the use of cloud services, so customers can save money and retain the tools they need to be successful.”

More information about the Vega Cloud partner program can be found here.

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