798 Launches Folk Culture Sector of Square Art Festival, 110,000+ Visitors Reached During the Chinese New Year Vacation

BEIJING, Feb. 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 798 Art District announces today that the Folk Culture Sector of the 798 Square Art Festival will launch on February 24, 2024, at the CONCERTED SQUARE of 798 Art District in Beijing. This sector aims to bridge contemporary art with urban and rural folk culture. Visiting 798 during the Lantern Festival, you can experience the power of contemporary art intertwined with traditional folk customs and enjoy the familiar yet strange world of Chinese local culture.

Event Poster
Event Poster

February 24 is the Lantern Festival in China, and it marks the end of the Chinese New Year festivities. The New Year vacation in 798 was full of lively atmosphere. Throughout the Spring Festival, 15 exhibitions were ongoing in 798, including the Joy Art Museum's "Joy in the Year of the Dragon", IOMA Art Center's "Dragon Roaming the World and Prospering", MOCUBE's "Upon Arrival of Dragon", and Le Rime Gallery's "Jia Chen Mountain Chronicle". Based on statistics, there were over 110,000 visits attracted from around the world to 798 Art District during the New Year festivities.

The word 'Long' symbolizes both the dragon in Chinese—Loong—and longevity in English. By adopting 'Art is Long' for the new year, 798 aims to infuse more dedication and passion into life through the timeless vitality of art. 798 presents visitors with diverse cultural experiences that epitomize this new year’s prospect.

“Art is Long” Poster at the West 2nd Gate of 798
“Art is Long” Poster at the West 2nd Gate of 798.

Among these events, the Dragon Run stands out, guiding visitors through a curated route to enjoy 798’s diverse and jubilant content. After finishing the route, people could redeem their new year gift. The event garnered significant attention, drawing hundreds of participants, and sparking over 40,000 discussions on social media.

Reflecting on his unique New Year experience in 798, a visitor Richard remarked, "I've been in China for almost a year, and I feel the New Year atmosphere in China is quite different because you can feel the festive spirit everywhere, not just in parades on the streets in Chinatown."

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