Niagara Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation and Sustainability with Donation to Affordable Housing Developer

Donation is part of Niagara’s mission to reduce water waste and utility costs for owners

FLOWER MOUND, Texas , Feb. 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Niagara®, the leader in high-performance, water-saving toilets, announced today a new program that will provide a donation of 100 toilets to a select affordable housing developer in the U.S. for its next project. The new program is part of Niagara’s larger mission to reduce water consumption and utility bills and help nonprofits and affordable housing projects redirect their saved water expenses in order to improve the lives of their communities.

Approximately 50 years ago, Bill Cutler, founder of Niagara, began working on water saving inventions in his garage. Those inventions led to Bill creating Niagara’s patented Stealth Technology® in 2000 and the world’s first 0.8 gallons per flush toilet with a re-engineered flush that was also high-powered, low-maintenance, virtually clog-free and water-efficient. Several years later, Niagara became the leader in the country for creating products that help municipalities save billions of gallons of water through rebate programs.

After 50 years of saving billions of gallons of water and money, Niagara plans to extend its mission even further with the creation of a new program for affordable housing developers in the U.S. The program encourages U.S. property developers to fill out an application on Niagara’s website that asks them to share information about their new property. Niagara will review applications and reward a select property developer with donated Niagara toilets that are proven to reduce water and utility costs.

“For 50 years, Niagara has remained at the forefront of providing customers with innovative technology that reduces water consumption and combats rising utility costs without compromising performance,” said Carl Wehmeyer, executive vice president at Niagara. “As the cost of housing continues to rise, we are thrilled to extend our mission to supporting affordable housing property developers throughout the U.S. with solutions that can help them reduce costs, allowing them to keep rents low and invest that money in meaningful services for their residents.”

Niagara has a proven history of helping several affordable housing properties reduce water consumption and utility bills. Recently, Niagara worked with The Oaks Apartments in Dallas, an affordable housing community for seniors, to replace its toilets with the Niagara Shadow 0.8 GPF with Stealth Technology. With Niagara toilets, the property will reduce water consumption by 62% and estimates that it will save $48,000 annually. The Oaks will reallocate that savings into investing into resident services like their onsite clinic and upgrading their dog parks and community garden.

In 2022, Niagara’s leadership team launched more than 20 products and over 100 unique SKUs incorporating its patented, water-saving Stealth Technology, that are available through distributors nationwide and internationally. The company has won more than 20 industry and EPA WaterSense® awards for its ingenuity in the last decade.

Interested affordable property developers, owners and managers can go to the application page on Niagara’s website to learn more about the program and fill out an application.

About Niagara
Founded in 1974 and headquartered in Flower Mound, TX, Niagara is leading the water revolution by saving the world’s water through everyday ingenuity without sacrificing performance. Recognized with several national EPA WaterSense Excellence and other industry awards for its Stealth Technology and superiority in reducing water waste, Niagara was one of the first toilet manufacturers to re-engineer the flush for a high-power, low-maintenance, no-waste toilet with Stealth Technology that saves customers money by reducing water while maintaining high performance. Niagara supports the U.S. and international markets. For more information, visit or call 888-733-0197.

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