Eikontech Partners With Spaceback to Bring Social Experiences to Programmatic Across Italy, Spain, and Southern Europe

MILAN, Italy, Feb. 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EikonTech, a leading provider of programmatic advertising solutions and an IAB member, has partnered with Spaceback, a leading platform in creative automation that bridges the gap between social media and programmatic. The agreement covers the Italian, Spanish, and Southern European markets.

Advertisers working with EikonTech can now take any social media post (still image, carousel, story, video) and instantly transform it into an authentic, programmatic-ready display, online video, or connected TV creative. Spaceback’s goal is to create more engaging and authentic advertising experiences.

“As we start to see cookie deprecation have a greater impact, it’s crucial to use creative that drives engagement and increases attention. We’ve seen that our creative units have elevated benchmarks, such as a 5X improvement in brand lift and consideration. Therefore, we’re thrilled about this new partnership with EikonTech, as this opportunity offers to bring these creatives to more advertisers and audiences across Italy, Spain, and Southern Europe,” adds Craig Mytton, Head of Global Partnerships, Spaceback.

"The partnership with Spaceback has a strong strategic value for EikonTech because it allows us to offer our clients an original and innovative approach to programmatic advertising. Their Social Display Ads transform social media content into compelling banner ads, and we have seen how Social Display Ads ensure increased engagement and consequently assisted conversions. Thanks to this combination, it is possible to bridge the gap between social media content and the scalability and efficiency of programmatic campaigns, addressing various objectives, including awareness and direct response," emphasizes Giuseppe Astorino, General Manager EMEA, EikonTech.

EikonTech, a pioneer in Programmatic Buying technologies, supports both Trading Desks and clients wishing to internalize digital management, offering solutions with exclusive features in the European and international markets. Established in Milan in 2019, EikonTech’s product suite includes Zeta DSP, Dynamic Creative Optimization, Audience Profiling, Contextual Targeting, and Connected TV solutions. EikonTech is part of Numatec holding, headquartered in Miami, with a global presence across 22 countries.

Founded in 2017, Spaceback is an award-winning creative automation platform. The platform seamlessly integrates social media posts into programmatic-ready display, video, and connected TV ads, extending the reach of social media content. Working with 3,000+ legacy brands and performance advertisers, Spaceback is revolutionizing digital advertising. Find Spaceback’s creative demos here.

Craig Mytton