TalkingParents Featured on America’s Premier Morning Show, The Balancing Act®

Fort Walton Beach, Feb. 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Co-parenting communication service, TalkingParents, was featured on a special edition of The Balancing Act® this week. Now in its 20th year, The Balancing Act® is America’s premier morning show, airing weekday mornings on Lifetime.

In the episode, TalkingParents’ Founder Stephen Nixon and Director of Marketing Heather Ruiz sat down with daytime TV legend Montell Williams and Olga Villaverde to discuss the power of effective co-parenting and how the app can help. In addition to their interviews, mom of two and TalkingParents user Caroline Kelley shared her experience with the service.

“This app allowed me to really step back and put distance between myself and my ex-husband,” says Kelley. “One of the features that makes things much easier is that every message is labeled with a topic and you just search. At this point, I have over four years of messages that go back-and-forth between us, and there’s a lot of information in there. So, sometimes I do have to go back and look at what we did on a previous holiday or for back to school. I can just type in a word, and it brings up every single message that has been sent between us with that word in it.”

The Balancing Act also brought in Divorce Coach Mark Pearson and Family Mediator Jennifer Segura to talk about the key challenges co-parenting families face while transitioning through divorce and how TalkingParents can provide solutions.  

“My favorite thing about it is that TalkingParents is so all-inclusive, so it really helps the individual disengage where there might normally be a lot of banter with just a regular text or something,” explains Pearson. “If a co-parent is able to only use the calendar part of it or just the finance part of it, then all the extra stuff that might be communicated with the ‘why’s’ and the ‘adjectives’ describing how they feel can all be left out by using those individual segments of the app.”

To watch the full episode, Stronger Together: The Power of Effective Co-Parenting, click here.

About TalkingParents 
TalkingParents is a communications and coordination platform that offers co-parents secure and accountable tools for the responsibility that matters most—raising children. Founded in 2012 on the idea of mutual accountability with an unalterable record of all communications and activities, TalkingParents has helped over half a million families find support and peace of mind with tools like Accountable Calling, Accountable Payments, Secure Messaging, and Shared Calendar. With the ability to request unalterable, court-certified records, TalkingParents is trusted by parents and legal professionals nationwide. TalkingParents strives to increase family harmony through better communications and transparency. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. 


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