IT Support Specialists, Jera, Hosts Free Webinar on Benefits of Droplet Container Software to Manage Legacy Software

Jera, the Scottish IT Support Experts, has created a complimentary webinar for businesses to attend and explore the advantages of Droplet Computing

Loanhead, Scotland, Feb. 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IT Specialist, Jera, Hosts Free Webinar to Clarify Benefits of Droplet Container Software to Manage Legacy Software Apps
IT Specialist, Jera, Hosts Free Webinar to Clarify Benefits of Droplet Container Software to Manage Legacy Software Apps

Edinburgh-based business IT support specialist, Jera, invites companies and corporations to attend a complimentary webinar exploring the compelling advantages of Droplet Computing – an innovative solution offering secure, isolated storage for legacy solutions to augment organisational security and streamline access to unsupported operating systems and older applications.

Scheduled for Thursday, 7th March 2024, the webinar is hosted by Jera, with Michelle Laverick, CTO of Droplet, attending as a guest speaker. The event will run from 11 am until 11.45 am. All webinar attendees will be welcome to contact Jera for further discussion and information following the event.

Exploring Droplet Computing as a Solution for Modern Businesses

One of the many advantages of Droplet Computing is that it facilitates remote and hybrid working for organisations with devolved working structures and provides an easier, safer access route for staff to utilise legacy applications that may be embedded into working processes.

Droplet container storage offers isolated app and software storage capacity for all applications. It is compatible with older operating system models, including those no longer supported that do not receive regular automated updates, security patches or improvements.

For the 78% of British businesses offering at-home or hot-desk working, the container significantly boosts security, protecting sensitive data, customer databases, business networks and other files and information from the ever-growing threat of data breaches and cybersecurity attacks.

Older applications can run on any device, whether a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, without issues with compatibility or formatting that are common for apps that rely on outdated versions of operating systems, eliminating glitches, missing features or hidden tools.

Equipped with NeverTrust™, each business-specific container features robust access controls to reinforce entry permission parameters to prevent unauthorised users from reaching any application stored within.

Further details about Droplet Computing are available directly through the Jera website.

The Free Jera Droplet Computing Webinar for Commercial Organisations Nationwide

Jera has launched this new service to complement its existing offering, which covers a broad scope of business IT services, including ongoing IT support, cybersecurity protection, IT strategy development, and cloud solutions.

The business has introduced Droplet Computing in response to emerging demand from enterprises that have encountered costly delays, found it complex to integrate older applications with newer systems, or discovered that extended support fees or investments in upgrades are unviable compared to the efficiencies or productivity improvements on offer.

Ally Hollins-Kirk, Jera Director, says, ‘Droplet is well positioned to solve a long-standing problem, with a flat subscription fee that ensures business leaders aren’t faced with a compromise between auditing and filtering through the apps their workforces use and depend on or overspending on IT infrastructure and ineffective bolt-on security safeguards.

We collaborate with a wide network of businesses across the UK and have found that there are limited solutions that fully support WFH structures and BYOD technology, particularly in collaborative networking, conferencing or educational settings. Droplet presents a done-for-you resolution that addresses several pain points, enabling busy teams to work from home, from any device, and access any application without lost time, outages or risk.

Our webinar is a great opportunity for us to explain how Droplet Computing works, introduce this solution in a jargon-free way, and answer questions directly from businesses about how it may align with their ongoing IT strategy.’

Introducing the Jera Webinar Guest Speaker From Droplet Computing

CTO Michelle Laverick will participate in the Jera webinar and brings 30 years of IT industry expertise to the discussion. With a background in IT instruction, authoring eight books around virtualisation tech and the well-known RTFM Education blog, Michelle has spoken at global events throughout Europe, the USA and Australia.

During the live webinar, Michelle will clarify how Droplet slots into the IT landscape and why it may be a powerful way to progress digital-focused planning forward, injecting forward-thinking technology and resolving long-standing problems related to apps and operating systems dating back as far as Windows 7.

Droplet advocates for comprehensive compatibility and provides solutions that enable businesses to run key software applications on any operating system or cloud platform, including those not originally designed to be compatible.

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IT Specialist, Jera, Hosts Free Webinar to Clarify Benefits of Droplet Container Software to Manage Legacy Software Apps