Veracio to Unveil their Next Generation of Orebody Technology Tools to Transform Mineral Exploration and Mining

SALT LAKE CITY, March 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Veracio, an orebody knowledge technology company that formerly operated as Boart Longyear’s Geological Data Services division, celebrates the one-year anniversary of its establishment as a wholly owned subsidiary. Unveiling a suite of offerings for 2024, Veracio’s new and refreshed orebody knowledge tools - TruScan® 2TruProbe® and StrataTM - are set to improve, automate, and digitally transform orebody sciences in exploration, resource definition and production globally.

JT Clark, CEO of Veracio reflects on the journey stating, "In just one year –from introducing Veracio to the world to now– our progress has been remarkable. Our new technologies, our team's dedication, and our strategic acquisitions like Minalyze have all been steps towards realizing our overarching vision of transforming how we capture and utilize orebody knowledge, from exploration to production."

Veracio is set to unveil its advanced portfolio of orebody technologies at the upcoming PDAC convention from March 3-6 in Toronto, Canada:

  1. TruScan® 2, featuring HyperXRFTM, a mineralogical solution integrated into Veracio’s award-winning core scanning platform boasts of co-registered data streams from both hyperspectral and XRF scanning supported by enhanced QA/QC. The versatile scanning capabilities of both chips and core provide scanning data, including mineralogical data, to teams within 24 hours. Field trials are commencing in early Q2, followed by first deliveries to customers in Q3 of 2024. Pre-orders are available from today.

  2. TruProbe®, an integrated app, cloud and stackable hardware solution; combining both rig and downhole sensing technologies. Building upon the foundations set by Veracio’s north seeking TruGyro, TruProbe® “stacks” a robust gamma sensor to enable operators to log both borehole deviation and gamma simultaneously. On the rig, the app connects to an azimuth rig aligner and wireless depth counter. The software in both the handheld app and the cloud drives efficiency and accuracy through a simple, easy-to-use design, while the hardware is integrated with industry-standard running gear for safer, faster operation. TruProbe® is available to order today.

  3. StrataTM is Veracio's cloud technology environment, and 2024 will see more added to the experience. This cloud environment ensures there are sophisticated software offerings available to pair with all Veracio hardware, now further enriched by the recent additions to the MinalyzeTM software offering, including MinaloggerTM.  For downhole surveying, the seamless connectivity to the TruProbe® app will provide a new way to visualise 3D hole path and empower teams with easy-to-use data access to advance their projects no matter where they are in the world.

Mike Ravella, Chief of Innovation, emphasized, "This portfolio represents just the beginning of our journey. We are constantly evolving, striving to pioneer the next-generation orebody knowledge and bring it to the forefront of the industry."

Veracio’s ascent in the global mining industry in 2023 was led by strategic transactions, establishing Veracio as the world leader in core scanning and a fierce competitor in driller-operated tooling. Notable achievements include the successful acquisition of Minalyze and collaborations with TruScan clients like Foran Mining and Newcrest (now Newmont) in Canada, and Sierra Gorda in Chile. Furthermore, Veracio forged a distribution partnership with International Directional Services (IDS) in the United States alongside industry partnerships with organizations like Tribe Tech and Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM). These partnerships, driven by shared visions of innovation and efficiency, demonstrate Veracio's vision of progress and exemplify Veracio's dedication to advancing the mining industry into the future with smarter data and a smaller environmental footprint.

Explore Veracio's latest advancements in orebody technology at the upcoming PDAC convention from March 3-6 in Toronto, Canada. Join us for an exclusive unveiling of TruScan® 2, Veracio’s next Level Ore Body Knowledge scanning product and get a firsthand look at how we're pushing the boundaries of scanning technology.

  • Date: Sunday, March 3rd, 2024
  • Location: Booths 101 and 853 (PDAC)

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with our experts, experience our ground-breaking suite of products, and witness firsthand how Veracio is shaping the next generation of orebody knowledge, today.

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Veracio, a wholly owned Boart Longyear subsidiary, offers mining clients a range of solutions that improve, automate, and digitally transform their orebody sciences in exploration, resource definition and production. Championing a modern approach through a diverse product portfolio Veracio fuses science and technology together with digital accessibility by using advanced scanning, sensing with strong data governance and the deployment of AI to accelerate real-time decision-making and significantly improve efficiency, profitability, and sustainability across the value chain.

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