SphereX Celebrates Its Grand Launch with Dual-Track Event: Warp Drive and Lightspeed Tracks Offer Exclusive Atlas Collections NFT Airdrops

Singapore, March 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SphereX, the ultimate DEX to launch on Blast, is proud to announce its grand launch event, marking a significant milestone for the platform. The event, consisting of Warp Drive and Lightspeed tracks, aims to reward active Blast and BMX users while fostering community engagement and further boosting Blast's Total Value Locked (TVL).  

Until March 18, 2024, the campaign offers participants equitable opportunities to receive SphereX’s “Atlas Collections” NFT Airdrops through Warp Drive and Lightspeed track. These NFTs can later be utilized for redeeming $SXT Tokens (SphereX Governance & Utility Token) and provides user benefits after Blast’s mainnet launch.  

"We are thrilled to introduce the Atlas Collections NFT as a symbol of our appreciation for our early users," said Kaimin Hu, CEO of SphereX. "This campaign not only aims to elevate our users and enhance utility but also sets the stage for exciting rewards through $SXT tokens after Blast's mainnet launch." 

The Atlas Collections NFT, an exclusive reward for early SphereX users, will have a total issuance of 10,000. Of these, 8,000 will be distributed through the Warp Drive track, while 2,000 will be airdropped via the Lightspeed track. These NFTs offer various utilities, including: 

  • Utility I: $SXT (SphereX TGE tokens) Airdrops 
  • Utility II: Trading fee discounts with "Atlas Collections NFT" on SphereX 
  • Utility III: Staking bonuses for Atlas NFT & $SXT dual staking 
  • More features are forthcoming. 

Additionally, during the campaign period, participants in the Warp Drive and Lightspeed tracks who complete designated tasks will be eligible for $1,200 prize pools each. 

For more information and to participate in the SphereX Dual-Track Event, please visit SphereX Event Page on Medium. 

About SphereX: 

SphereX is a decentralized crypto exchange designed to provide users with a more secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for trading digital assets. SphereX boasts a unique combination of capabilities that include off-chain matching for lightning-fast trade execution, on-chain settlement for enhanced security, and cross-margin trading to optimize capital utilization. To learn more about SphereX, visit the SphereX website, and for updates, news, and promotions follow SphereX on X and Telegram


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