International Standard for Quality Management System Continues at Kentucky Facility

Morehead, Kentucky (USA), March 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rajant Corporation, the pioneer of Kinetic Mesh® wireless networks, has been recertified for the sixth consecutive year as ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001: 2015-compliant. The original ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) certification was achieved on March 7, 2019, when Rajant demonstrated compliance with the developing, technical support, and manufacturing of secure network radios at its Morehead, Kentucky facility.  

Kaitlyn Muncy, Rajant Quality Assurance Director in Morehead, shares, "Being able to tell our current and potential customers that Rajant Corporation is ISO 9001:2015 certified is very important to our growth as a company. This shows just how important delivering top-quality products is to our operation and gives our customers the confidence that we can provide them with what they need. We could only accomplish this with the support from headquarters and the dedication of our employees. Rajant has maintained certification with zero nonconformances found over the last six years. From the viewpoint of not just one but two ISO auditors, Rajant is "spot on" in how we do things. Other than receiving the actual certification, this is the highest compliment we could receive."

Rajant Production Lead Jon Lacy offers, "Maintaining our ISO Certification is huge for the Morehead office and Rajant as a whole. Rajant prides itself on making sure it does everything possible to ensure quality products; this ISO Certification is always a highlight. Just shows the continued effort for always bettering itself as a company." 

Furthering the Morehead team’s sentiments, Senior Manufacturing Engineer Travis Pettit states, “Our manufacturing team is proud to continue our certification under the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The trust this imparts onto our partners and customers is indispensable to our continued success of delivering exceptional products."

Morehead, Kentucky staff who worked together towards this goal include Nick Adams – Manufacturing Associate, Megan Becraft – Quality Assistant, Kolby Charles - Shipping/Receiving Coordinator, Austin Clark - Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Duke Estridge – Manufacturing Associate, Jon Jenkins - Software Engineer, Seth Johnson - Shipping Assistant, Jon Lacy - Production Lead, Ryan Lacy - Production Lead, Maria Lemaster – Procurement Manager, Alex Marin – Manufacturing Associate, Kaitlyn Muncy - Quality Assurance Director, Laura Nickell – Manufacturing Associate, Logan Pennington - Test Engineer, Travis Pettit - Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Austin Sanders - Quality Assistant, Gabe Taliaferro – Manufacturing Associate, and Zach Wagner - Manufacturing Supervisor.


 About Rajant Corporation

Rajant Corporation is the broadband communications technology company that invented Kinetic Mesh® networking, BreadCrumb® wireless nodes, and InstaMesh® networking software. With Rajant, customers can rapidly deploy a highly adaptable and scalable network that leverages the power of real-time data to deliver on-demand, mission-critical business intelligence. A low-latency, high-throughput, and secure solution for a variety of data, voice, video, and autonomous applications, Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh networks provide industrial customers with full mobility, allowing them to take their private network applications and data anywhere. With successful deployments in more than 80 countries for customers in military, mining, ports, rail, oil & gas, petrochemical plants, municipalities, and agriculture, Rajant is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, with additional facilities and offices in Arizona and Kentucky. For more information, visit Rajant.com or follow Rajant on LinkedIn and YouTube. 





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