Booth Empire Redefines Experiential Marketing Across North America

Booth Empire takes experiential marketing to a new level to help transform brand activations and events.

Toronto, Ontario, March 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Revolutionizing the event landscape, Booth Empire emerges as the frontrunner in delivering experiential marketing, corporate activations. With a footprint spanning Canada and North America, Booth Empire's innovative approach is transforming the way brands interact with their audiences, ensuring every event is an engaging, memorable experience.

In an era where brand experience is paramount, Booth Empire sets a new standard by offering an array of services tailored to elevate corporate events, trade shows, and brand activations. From the immersive GlamBot rental service, seen at prestigious events like The Golden Globes, to customizable and brandable photo booths that capture the essence of a brand, Booth Empire is at the forefront of creating memorable and shareable moments.

"Our mission is to seamlessly blend our clients' vision with our advanced technology and creative solutions, ensuring every event is not just seen but felt," states Jon Ohlsson, Founder of Booth Empire. Positioned in Toronto, Ontario, but with the capability to service events nationwide, Booth Empire leverages the power of social media and experiential marketing to give brands a competitive edge.

Founded by the visionary duo Jon and Sarah Ohlsson, Booth Empire stands at the forefront of experiential marketing and corporate event innovation.
Booth Empire

Clients such as Pepsi, Air Miles, and Ashley Furniture attest to Booth Empire's ability to transform their events into dynamic experiences that resonate with audiences and foster deep, lasting connections. "We're not just about capturing moments; we're about creating experiences that integrate seamlessly with a brand's narrative, elevating their story and engaging their audience in the most interactive way possible," adds Ohlsson.

Booth Empire's services are diverse beyond traditional photo booth rentals, ranging from photo activations that capture the essence of the moment, to video activations that tell a compelling story. The company’s cutting-edge AI activations offer personalized experiences, while their trading cards and sports cards provide memorable takeaways. Their event photography, trade show displays, and custom activations ensure that every aspect of an event is captured in detail, tailored to the unique vision of each client.

By providing comprehensive analytics and performance reporting, Booth Empire not only delivers unforgettable experiences but also offers valuable insights that empower brands to make informed decisions, enhancing their market reach and engagement across all channels.

For those looking to elevate their next corporate activation into an unforgettable experience, Booth Empire invites you to discover the breadth of their services.

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About Booth Empire

Founded by the visionary duo Jon and Sarah Ohlsson, Booth Empire stands at the forefront of experiential marketing and corporate event innovation. By integrating cutting-edge technology with creative marketing strategies, Booth Empire offers engaging, interactive experiences that enhance brand narratives and connect with audiences on a meaningful level. Based in Toronto, Ontario, and serving clients across North America, Booth Empire is your partner in creating unforgettable event experiences.


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Booth Empire
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Booth Empire Redefines Experiential Marketing Across North America