Creditor Law Group Fights Creditors over Wrongful Collection Practices

Philadelphia, PA, March 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Since its inception, Creditor Law Group has been on a mission to defend consumers against creditors engaging in wrongful collection practices and to educate debtors about their rights. Despite the protections provided by the law, borrowers are not always guaranteed fair and ethical treatment by debt collection agencies, often falling victim to unscrupulous creditors who flout the rules. Operating through a team of highly experienced attorneys, Creditor Law Group brings the fight to any debt collector resorting to practices that violate the rights of consumers and undermine their financial well-being.

"Dealing with debt collectors tends to be an extremely stressful experience, especially when they engage in abusive or illegal practices, for example, aggressive and harassing communication, misrepresentation of the amounts owed, and deceptive tactics aimed at coercing payment,” Creditor Law Group notes. “Our team has successfully challenged such injustices, helping debtors stand up for their rights and put an end to wrongful collection practices. Apart from providing legal representation, we offer educational resources that demystify the debt collection process and empower individuals to fight back.”

As stipulated in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), creditors cannot employ abusive or deceptive practices when attempting to collect a debt. Unfortunately, some of them still engage in such practices, which can lead to significant financial and emotional distress for debtors. Typical examples of wrongful actions include making threatening phone calls, harassing people at work or at home, misrepresenting the amount owed, and adding unauthorized fees or charges to the debt. Besides being illegal, these practices can damage a person's credit score and reputation. Creditor Law Group relentlessly fights on behalf of debtors, harnessing the experience of its attorneys to help clients stop harassment, dispute false claims, and negotiate fair repayment plans.

“Our team’s commitment to protecting debtors has earned our company a reputation as a trusted advocate to people struggling with debt. We have defended countless individuals against wrongful debt collection practices, standing firmly by their side to ensure that they resolve their debt issues and regain control of their finances,” Creditor Law Group says. “Any person experiencing harassment or unfair treatment by a debt collector can contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn how our attorneys can help them fight back and get the debt relief they deserve. We pride ourselves on the work we do to hold creditors accountable for violating the FDCPA and protect consumers from undue pressure and manipulation.”

Creditor Law Group is an award-winning legal services provider focused on defending consumers who face debt-related lawsuits. The Philadelphia, PA-based company assists individuals in or out of court, ensuring that their rights are protected. Creditor Law Group specializes in the areas of garnishment reversal and relief, legal representation of individuals in lawsuits filed by creditors, and defense against debt collector harassment.

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