Central 1 receives global recognition for its commitment to responsible investment

Central 1 is recognized for its leadership in the inclusion of social, environmental and governance factors in its investment strategies.

Vancouver, B.C./Toronto, ON, March 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Central 1 — a leading financial services provider and primary liquidity provider to Canada’s credit unions and financial institutions — is pleased to announce that it has achieved a score of over 70 per cent across all categories in an annual assessment, led by the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the world’s leading proponent for responsible investment. Surpassing the average score by more than 15 per cent in three categories among all PRI signatories, this performance underscores Central 1’s commitment to excellence in responsible investment practices.

Supported by the United Nations, the PRI is a global voluntary sustainability initiative led by over 5,300 corporate signatories in 135 countries. As a PRI signatory since 2018, Central 1 is required to report annually on its responsible investment activities. This obligation is part of Central 1's commitment to uphold the PRI's six principles for responsible investment, which were developed by an international group of institutional investors.

“Central 1’s commitment to responsible investment is a cornerstone of our decision-making process for every investment we undertake,” said Brent Clode, Chief Investment Officer, Central 1. “The PRI annual assessment helps us understand how Central 1’s incorporation of environmental, social and governance factors in our investment strategies compares to global peers. However, most importantly, it provides valuable insights into how we can increase our actions to continue to maximize positive impact and financial growth for our credit union and financial institution clients. We are proud to be a PRI signatory and part of the international collective dedicated to developing a more sustainable global financial system.”

Central 1 is focused on increasing its holdings in green, sustainable and social impact investments. This is guided by a responsible investment approach that includes ESG analysis, screening and integration strategies to direct funds into securities and companies for credit unions. In 2023, Central 1 allocated 16 per cent of its investments to this focus area, surpassing the organization's target of five per cent.

About the PRI 2023 Assessment Report

The table below explains the categories in which Central 1 was assessed and how it compares to the PRI median score. The median score is calculated based on the reports submitted by all PRI signatories.

CategoryAbout the category Central 1 scorePRI median score
Policy Governance and StrategyThis category relates to a PRI signatory’s leadership in its guidelines for evaluating environmental, social and governance factors, including criteria for exclusions and the articulation of policies and tactics for meaningful engagement. 72%55%
Confidence Building MeasuresThis category relates to a PRI signatory’s approach in the review and/or verification of data reported to PRI. 80%80%
Direct – Fixed Income

This category scores a PRI signatory’s overall responsible investment approach for fixed-income investments. This includes a review of its pre-investment activities including the due diligence to assess ESG risks encountered by the organization’s counterparties. Also, post-investment, how the signatory proactively manages risk by addressing and mitigating identified risks, primarily through engagement with counterparties

Direct – Fixed Income – SSA82%59%
Direct – Fixed Income – Corporate82%72%
Direct – Fixed Income – Securitized78%52%

For more information about how Central 1 is leading the way on responsible investment, visit Responsible Investment - Central 1.

To view the PRI full 2023 Assessment Report, visit UN PRI’s Data portal

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Central 1 cooperatively empowers credit unions and other financial institutions who deliver banking choice to Canadians. With assets of $10.9 billion as of September 30, 2023, Central 1 provides critical services at scale to enable a thriving credit union system. We do this by collaborating with our clients, developing strategies, products, and services to support the financial well-being of their more than five million diverse customers in communities across Canada. For more information, visit www.central1.com.

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