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PHILADELPHIA, PA , March 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The stress of financial debt can be overwhelming, and when paired with unscrupulous debt collectors, the impact can be devastating. To protect the rights of US borrowers, the government enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) in 1978. This Act strictly forbids the use of unjust, deceitful, or harsh collection practices by creditors. However, despite these legal safeguards, it still remains a common issue with borrowers often hounded by collection agencies, escalating their issues. Creditor Law Group, a law firm committed to protecting consumers across the nation, leads the fight against these FDCPA violations. We stand firm in our belief of maintaining a fair balance between debt recovery and moral, considerate communication, especially for individuals facing tough financial circumstances.

“Despite the safeguards put in place by the FDCPA, many consumers still fall victim to unscrupulous debt collectors,” Creditor Law Group notes. “One of the most common violations is harassment, which can take the form of incessant phone calls, offensive language, threats, or intimidation. We also frequently go against collectors who employ deceptive practices to coerce payment, such as misrepresenting the amount owed, falsely claiming to be law enforcement or attorneys, and issuing threats of legal actions they have no intention of taking. Other widespread violations are false reporting and unauthorized disclosures, the latter potentially leading to breaches of privacy since they usually entail contacting friends, family, or employers as a means of shaming or pressuring debtors.”

Creditor Law Group has received wide acclaim for its commitment to fighting FDCPA violations, helping countless consumers assert their rights and get justice. The company offers free consultation to people who believe they are the victim of debt collector harassment and provides them with the tools to document all instances of unethical or aggressive behavior by creditors. “It is essential for consumers being harassed by debt collectors to know their rights under the FDCPA and report any violations to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or pursue legal action. We cannot fight abusive debt collection practices without awareness and enforcement – these are vital for maintaining the integrity of consumer protections. Our team has proved its dedication and expertise in securing justice and peace of mind for borrowers who already have enough on their plate and absolutely do not need the anxiety and mental health strain resulting from debt collector harassment.”

Creditor Law Group is an award-winning legal services provider that specializes in defending consumers facing lawsuits related to credit card, medical, or other debt. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, the company boasts a team of experienced attorneys who provide assistance to individuals in or out of court, ensuring that consumer rights are protected and striving to identify the best solution to clients’ debt-related problems. Creditor Law Group’s practice areas are garnishment reversal and relief, legal representation of individuals in lawsuits filed by creditors, and defense against debt collector harassment.

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