Battery Scanning Company Glimpse Announces Seed Raise and Launch of its X-ray-powered Quality Monitoring Platform

SOMERVILLE, Mass., March 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Glimpse, a provider of battery quality monitoring solutions for battery producers and electric mobility companies, today announced its official launch, initial capital raise of $4 million, and the release of its high-throughput battery X-ray scanning service.

Glimpse has developed a scalable, collaborative, and cost-efficient battery quality monitoring platform designed to help battery producers and buyers save billions of dollars in production scrap, battery pack field failures and fleet recalls. To address the challenge of enabling battery quality at scale, Glimpse harnesses X-ray CT scanning, the industrial equivalent of CAT scanning used in the medical field. The Somerville, MA-based company’s timely launch aligns with the unprecedented Gigafactory and EV boom in the United States, driven by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Just like critical minerals and production capacity, battery quality is a major bottleneck to the electrification of everything,” said Glimpse co-founder and CEO Eric Moch. “X-ray CT scanning, with its ability to generate a high-resolution map of an object’s internal structure, is one of the best available technologies to comprehensively determine the build quality of a battery cell.

In many cases, attempting to detect a latent battery defect with electrochemical tests is akin to trying to find an early-stage tumor by measuring a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate. While these conventional battery inspection tests can certainly inform diagnosis, CT scanning can unambiguously identify hidden defects in battery cells,” said Peter Attia, Glimpse co-founder and CTO, who focused his Stanford PhD on battery lifetime prediction.

The Glimpse PortalTM, a secure web application, allows Glimpse’s existing customers to continuously monitor their battery quality through high-resolution cross-section images and an automated inspection layer that extracts key quality features. To showcase its high-throughput CT scanning capabilities, Glimpse has just unveiled a free 1000-cell demo available on its portal.

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Until now, CT scanning predominantly served as a low-volume lab instrument for both battery producers and electric mobility companies, primarily for R&D and sporadic failure analysis purposes. Through ongoing partnerships with leading North American and European scanner manufacturers, Glimpse is redesigning CT scanning’s hardware and software stacks to build a battery quality monitoring platform compatible with high-volume cell production and assembly environments. Glimpse has already been able to increase the technology’s throughput and reduce its cost by factors of 30 and 20, respectively. The team is working with its partners on the next set of hardware and software improvements that will deliver another 10-fold increase in throughput.

Glimpse has raised $4 million in seed funding from venture capital firms Ibex Mobility and Flybridge Capital Partners and a syndicate of battery and EV angel investors. The company's three co-founders, who have collectively worked at Tesla, Toyota, and various electric mobility startups, bring over 25 years of experience in various aspects of battery technology, including cell design, modeling, and manufacturing.

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Glimpse is a Massachusetts-based company building battery quality solutions for cell producers and cell buyers to gain tight control over their battery quality across factories, teams, and time. Combining the latest hardware advancements in X-ray technologies with high-performance end-to-end software, Glimpse turns computed tomography (CT) scanning from a costly and complex tool into a scalable, collaborative, and cost-efficient battery quality monitoring platform. Founded in 2023 by Peter Attia, Patrick Herring, and Eric Moch, Glimpse is enabling battery quality at scale to support a safe and rapid transition to an electrified world. Visit for more information.

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